Pope Francis Rewrites the Commandments

Pope Francis’ October address to the World Movement of Populist Movements contained all the technocrat talking points with which the world is so enamoured while omitting the solid Catholic teaching which it so desperately needs.

Characterised by America Magazine as nine “Commandments”, the Pope’s list of nine areas in need of change indicates that the Ten Commandments as given to Moses by God the Father are no longer suited to the Modern World. In true socialist style, the Pope called for an overhaul of the current capitalist system demanding the redistribution of wealth and the establishment of a Universal Basic Income. Presumedly expecting governments worldwide to take his advice and pick up the tab, he requested that workers’ hours be reduced in an effort to allow greater numbers to be employed.

He went on to say that the world is at a crossroads and that for mankind to return to its previous course would be “suicidal … ecocidal and genocidal.” The Pope also said that politicians should not be listening only to economic elites. This is quite bizarre, coming from the man who regularly meets with economic elites like Jeffrey Sachs, Paul Ehrlich, Ban Ki-moon, and Mark Zuckerberg.

The Pope claimed that the Catholic Church doesn’t have all the answers, but does have “some principles that can help along this journey to provide concrete answers, and to help Christians and non-Christians alike.” Without any mention of God or man’s duty toward Him, the Pope’s nine “commandments” instead cover almost all of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Pharmaceutical companies should make patents for COVID “vaccines” freely available (SDG #3)
  • International credit institutions should cancel debt. (SDG #1 and #10)
  • Big resource corporations should stop polluting and stop destroying habitats. (SDG #7, 9, 13)
  • Food corporations should end monopolies and provide inexpensive food. (SDG #2)
  • Powerful nations should rely on global entities such as the UN for mediating conflict. (SDG #17)
  • Big tech corporations should censor “hate speech, fake news and conspiracy theories.” (SDG #11)
  • Arms manufacturers and dealers should completely stop arms production. (SDG #16)
  • Media corporations should provide digital education for the poor. (SDG #4)
  • The media should report in a moral fashion and protect those who are “most damaged.” (SDG #5)

The Pope continued with a nod to Jacques Maritain and his integral humanism, urging other religious leaders to promote disarmament as a means to “integral human development.” He then compared the Good Samaritan to protesters outraged by the death of the George Floyd, saying:

It is clear that this type of reaction against social, racial or macho injustice can be manipulated or exploited by political machinations or whatever, but the main thing is that, in that protest against this death, there was the Collective Samaritan who is no fool! This movement did not pass by on the other side of the road when it saw the injury to human dignity caused by an abuse of power.

For consistency’s sake, it would have been helpful to his fellow Catholics had the Pope also decried the global pattern of violence being perpetrated by police against unarmed citizens. Those workers who protest against draconian lockdown measure and vaccine mandates also have the right to employment instead of being shut out of their workplaces by the economic elites with whom Francis enjoys unending “closeness” and “dialogue.”

But then, why should consistency be expected from a man who blasphemously promotes, “in the name of God”, the UN’s radically antichristian agenda?

The Masonic Plan to Destroy the Church

This information was written by a priest who compares the stated goals of a Communist infiltrator with the Church’s ‘auto-demolition’ since the Second Vatican Council.

For our purposes, this comparison shows a) that the mission of the Communists is identical with that of the Masons, regarding the Catholic Church and b) that infiltration has actually been achieved, at least on an individual basis.

Anonymous Catholic

From Catholic Apologetics:

Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle by Fr.  Morrison

Part I–  Plan for the destruction of the general constitution of the Church.

PART II – Plan for the auto-destruction of the Catholic Church, specifically as they relate to the destruction of the Mass and Sacraments.


The destruction of the Church, that is, the destruction of the New Order Church, is proceeding according to a plan conceived decades ago. Of course, there are many factors that contribute to the destruction, but it is not possible to deny that a significant part of that destruction has been based on deliberate subversion, developed over the better part of the last century.

I had heard of the book entitled AA-1025: The Memoirs of an Anti-Apostle, but I had not taken the time to read it until now. I have now had that opportunity and am now about halfway through the book, which has already provoked many reflections.

Background. In the 1960s, a French Catholic nurse, Marie Carré attended an auto-crash victim who was brought into her hospital. The man lingered there near death for a few hours and then died. He had no identification on him, but he had a briefcase in which there was a set of quasi-biographical notes. She kept these notes and read them, and because of their extraordinary content, decided to publish them.

The book was originally published in May 1972 in French under the title ES-1025ES standing for Élève Seminariste, or Seminary Student. In 1973 it was published in English as AA-1025AA standing for Anti-Apostle.

It is a succinct (125 pages or so) account of an atheistic Communist mole, who in 1940 was purposely sent by his superiors to infiltrate the Catholic priesthood, along with 1024 others at that time, charged with the mission to subvert and destroy the Church from within by helping effect its auto-destruction, an odd term specifically used by Paul VI years later in his December 7, 1968, Address to the Lombard Seminary at Rome. The Anti-Apostle and his 1024 colleagues were triumphantly successful, as far as the New Order Church goes.

Although the author never identifies the man, the narrative makes it clear that he attended a seminary in United States or Canada. It is certain that at least one of these 1025 men became a bishop. Curiously, although the author could not have known it at the time, the Anti-Apostle hailed from the same country as the man who was six years later to become pope: Poland.

The author prefaces her narrative by observing:

No, the very virtue of obedience is today the extremely powerful weapon that our enemies, who pretend to be our friends, make use of against what we were, to put up in its stead what they have decided to have us become.


The Anti-Apostle makes clear the basis of his plan to effect the auto-destruction of the Church. His seminary career started well before Vatican II, so the elements of his plan now bear chilling fulfillment in our time. Here are some extensive excerpts from the Communist/Liberalist/Modernist plan for the auto-destruction of the Catholic Church, specifically as they relate to the general constitution of the Church, together with our commentary on how they have come true in less than fifty years. A later Part II of this topic will treat of the destruction of the Mass and Sacraments.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “You must drive into the head of men, and particularly the head of Churchmen, to search for, at any price, a universal religion into which all churches would be melded together. So that this idea could take form and life, we must inculcate in pious people, especially Roman Catholics, a feeling of guilt concerning the unique truth in which they pretend to live…. [This Universal Church] could not be otherwise but simple. So that all men could enter it, it could retain a vague idea of a God, more or less Creator, according to the times.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. Catholics are now told they cannot say that their Church is the one true Church, but that the Church of Christ only “subsists in” the Catholic Church (Vatican II, Lumen Gentium, November 21, 1964, paragraph 8)

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “I know that this will not be easy, that we will have to work hard at it, during twenty or even fifty years, but we should succeed in the end.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. It has now been about forty years since Vatican II.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “We should succeed in the end … by numerous and subtle means. I look at the Catholic Church as if it were a sphere. To destroy it, you must attack it in numerous small points until it loses all resemblance to what it was before. We will have to be very patient. I have many ideas that might seem at first sight to be petty and childish, but I maintain that the entirety of those petty childishnesses will become an invisible weapon of great efficacy.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. The vast number of individual changes making up the whole of the New Order Church is staggering: vulgar tongues instead of sacred Latin used at services, new “eucharistic prayers,” a new form of non-apostolic “consecration,” communion in the hand, altar servettes, elimination of crucifixes, elimination of tabernacles, elimination of statues, “general confession” replacing sacramental confession, elimination of kneelers, introduction of vulgar music at services, “white” funerals, elimination of any concept of sin/Hell/Purgatory, eulogies at Catholic funerals for thrice-divorced men and homosexual panderers, and on and on the list goes.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “To stress that Catholics are responsible for the division among Christians, because, by their refusal to compromise, they caused schisms and heresies. To come to a point that every Catholic will feel so guilty that he will wish to atone at any price. To suggest to him that he must himself endeavor to find all the means capable of bringing Catholics closer to Protestants (and also to others) without harming the Credo. To keep only the Credo. And again … attention: The Credo must undergo a very slight modification. The Catholics say, ‘I believe in the Catholic Church.’ The Protestants say, ‘I believe in the Universal Church.’ It is the same thing. The word Catholic means ‘universal.'”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. The pope apologies to the heretic Martin Luther, he apologizes to the schismatic Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury. He bows to kiss the pagan Koran. Those in other sects are told not to bother to convert to Catholicism; it’s not necessary. The Jews are told not to worry about becoming Christians, that Christ is not their Messias.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “Always drive minds toward a greater charity, a larger fraternity. Never talk about God, but about the greatness of man. Bit by bit transform the language and the attitude of mind. Man must occupy the first place. Cultivate confidence in man, who will prove his own greatness by founding the Universal Church in which all good wills shall melt together. To bring it out that the good will of man, his sincerity, his dignity, are worth more than an always invisible God.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. The Novus Ordo service becomes a communal meal, rather than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The crucifix, the tabernacle, and the statues of God’s Saints are eliminated, while man effusively praises himself. Secular politics become the focus of bishops’ attention, not the worship of God and the keeping of His Commandments. Churches are closed. Traditional worship is replaced by self-serving hootenannies, such as those at World Youth Conference, sponsored by the pope.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “To excite an iconoclastic zeal. Youngsters must destroy all these hodgepodge: statues, pictures, reliquaries, priestly ornaments, organs, candles, and votive lamps, stained glass, and cathedrals, etc., etc.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. Statues have been virtually eliminated, priests’ vestments have been simplified to the point of the ridiculous, pipe organs are replaced by electronic pianos, traditional churches are submitted to the wrecking ball.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “In Rome, I had very interesting conversations with a professor who would be mine when I would have received the priesthood. He was a member of our network. He was very optimistic. He had specialized in Holy Scripture and was working at a new translation of the Bible in English. The most astounding thing was that he had chosen a Lutheran pastor as his only collaborator. The said pastor, besides, was no longer in agreement with his own church, which seemed old-fashioned to him. This collaboration, of course, remained secret. The aim of these two men was to rid humanity of all the systems which it had given itself through the Bible, and especially the New Testament. Thus, the virginity of Mary, the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and His Resurrection, according to them, were to be set aside, in order to end up with a complete suppression.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. A profusion of “translations” of the Bible into vulgar tongues is published every year, and these purported “translations” become less and less literal, introducing the translators’ own modernistic notions under the guise of “dynamic translation.” One of the Novus Ordo’s leading biblical scholars, “Fr.” Raymond Brown, teaches in a west-coast seminary that Mary’s perpetual virginity, the Real Presence, and the Resurrection are all “myths.”

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “There was enough reason to have them [the Saints] erased from the calendar, which was also one of our objectives. But both of us knew that it would take more time to kill all the Saints than it would to kill God.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. The New Order has done everything it can to suppress true Saints and replace them with politically-correct modern doppelgangers. St. Christopher, whom seventeen centuries of Catholics venerated was expunged from the New Order. St. Philomena, whom five popes and a Saint publicly venerated and encouraged others to venerate, was expunged. St. Barbara, one of Fourteen Auxiliary Saints from the apostolic Church was expunged.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “The order was also very simple: It was absolutely forbidden for Protestants to convert to Catholicism. And I had this point very much at heart, because conversions had attained an accelerated pace.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. Just before Vatican II, conversions to Catholicism from Protestantism and even Judaism were plentiful. Even noted figures publicly converted. After Vatican II, when heretical Indifferentism became the de-facto theology (“we all pray to the same God”; “all religions are equal”), conversions slowed to a trickle. When a schismatic Eastern Orthodox Patriarch approached the Vatican to convert, the Vatican told him to stay as he was. Jews are told that Christ is not their Messias.”

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “I suggested that the zeal to give us, in all languages, new Biblical translations in modern style must not be slowed down.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. The Catholic Church had always been cautious about translations of the Bible into the vulgar tongues, fearing corruptions of Sacred Scripture and its interpretation. Wisely was the Church cautious. After Vatican II the proliferation of “translations” of the Bible was vast. The translations were no longer even a literal translation of the inerrant Latin Vulgate of St. Jerome, but “dynamic translations,” which allowed any translating committee to change doctrine surreptitiously by merely “retranslating” it. Scripture was now “vernacularized,” so that anyone could interpret it in any way he liked. Martin Luther won again: heretical private interpretation of Scripture had invaded the Novus Ordo Church.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “I also proposed inter-confessional Biblical meetings. This was my real aim, and moreover it could even go further, by adding a benevolent examination of the Koran and of some other oriental books.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. Catholics had always been prohibited from attending inter-denominational Bible meetings and studies because of the corruption of the true Faith that they involved. Now one sees, even on “Catholic” television (like Mother Angelica’s EWTN), supposedly “former” Protestants taking the lead in teaching Catholics about the meaning of Scripture. The pope himself scandalized the whole Roman Catholic Church by bowing down to kiss the abominable Koran of the Mohammedans, which contains vicious slurs against Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “It is altogether reasonable to hope that the cure will be at hand for the year 2000 [remember, this was planned in 1940!]. A certain number of words must be banished completely from the human vocabulary, and the best method is to be sure that children never hear these words. That is why it is much better to compose a new catechism than to hope for a simple suppression of all religious teaching.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. The new Vatican II Catechism, which went through several editions before the changes in doctrine could be gotten just right, was written by a group of ecclesiastical hacks who were so incompetent that they could not read the original sources in Latin and Greek. Compare this committee with those who authored the Roman Catechism after the Council of Trent: St. Charles Borromeo, St. Robert Bellarmine, and the like. Much Catholic doctrine was “nuanced away,” like the common teaching of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church about the justice of capital punishment, or simply omitted, like the common teaching of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church about limbo. Words like HellPurgatorysin and the like were used as little as possible. I know a teacher who was called into question when he mentioned to his Novus Ordo middle-school class the Church’s dogma about Hell.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “The word charity must absolutely be banished and be replaced by the world love, which allows you to keep your feet on the ground and even to play all kinds of ambiguous games without seeming to do so.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. The word love has proliferated like no other word in the post-conciliar Church, and its meaning in English and other modern tongues is certainly ambiguous. The Latin and Greek Bibles had separate words for various types of love: love of family, love of friends, love of God, sexual love. English and other modern languages entirely blur these important distinctions. How does Christ define love? “If you love Me, obey My commandments.” That meaning isn’t even included in New Order “love”! No, we must “love” homosexuality, we must “love” divorce, we must “love” apostasy from the Faith.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “We have found the astuteness — which consists in hiding behind the “Spirit of the Council” — to launch all kinds of thrilling innovations. This expression, “Spirit of the Council,” has become for me a master-trump…. But it will be only at Vatican III that I will be able to present myself with hammer and nails, not to nail God on His Cross, but rather to nail Him in His coffin.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. How often have we heard the expression “Spirit of the Council” used to justify every blasphemous, and sacrilegious, and scandalous element of the New Order? Already one hears more and more talk about a Vatican III to seal the destruction of the Church, as the Anti-Apostle and his allies planned already, back in 1940.

If you are a member of the New Order, if you attend a Novus Ordo service, if you defend “obedience” to the Church of the New Order, know that you are simply carrying out the plan hatched as early as 1940 by Modernists and are playing right into their hands.

If you are a traditional Catholic, if you attend exclusively the Traditional Latin Mass, if you will not obey evil, no matter from what color of authority it comes, know that you are standing with Christ against the Modernist forces which would defeat Him, but which in the end will themselves be defeated.


Plan for the auto-destruction of the Catholic Church, specifically as they relate to the destruction of the Mass and Sacraments.

 The author prefaces her narrative by observing:

No, the very virtue of obedience is today the extremely powerful weapon that our enemies, who pretend to be our friends, make use of against what we were, to put up in its stead what they have decided to have us become.

The Anti-Apostle makes clear the basis of his plan to effect the auto-destruction of the Church. His seminary career started before well before Vatican II, so the elements of his plan now bear chilling fulfillment in our time. Here are some extensive excerpts from the Communist/Liberalist/Modernist plan for the auto-destruction of the Catholic Church, specifically as they relate to the destruction of the Mass and Sacraments, together with our commentary on how they have come true in less than fifty years:

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “The professor also taught me a reasonable way to say Mass, since in six years I would be obliged to say it. While waiting for a profound modification of the whole ceremony [how did he know about this in 1940?], he never pronounced the words of the Consecration. But so as not to be suspected, he pronounced words almost similar, at least according to the ending of the words. He advised me to do the same. All that made this ceremony look like a sacrifice should, little by little, he suppressed. The whole ceremony should represent only a common meal, as among Protestants.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. The “profound modification of the whole ceremony,” as predicted, became the Novus Ordo service, which defines itself as a “common meal,” not a Sacrifice.”

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “He even assured me that it should never have been otherwise. He also worked at the elaboration of a new Ordinary of the Mass and advised me also to do the same, because it appeared to him to be altogether desirable to present to people a large number of diversified Masses. There must be some, very short, for families and small groups, some longer ones, for Feast Days, although, according to him, the real feast for the working classes is a walk in Nature. He thought that he could easily arrive at a point of considering Sunday as a day consecrated to Nature.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. There are many variations of the New Order service. One traditional apostolic Canon became three man-made “eucharistic prayers,” which have now proliferated well beyond that number. There are so many options for the form of the New Order service that most Novus Ordo churches don’t use an official missal, but a pastiche of xeroxed pages contained in a three-ring binder at the altar, so that the service can be changed on a moment’s notice, or be improvised “as the spirit moves.” Moreover, Nature has become the modern-day Earth Goddess, Gaia, the green pagan goddess of the environmental movement, in which it is more morally reprehensible to kill a dog than to murder a child.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “Afterwards come the Seven Sacraments, which are all to be revised.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. Not a single one of the seven Sacraments has been left untouched in the Novus Ordo.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “As for the Sacrament called Penance, it would be replaced by a community ceremony, which will only be an examination of conscience directed by a well-trained priest, all of which would be followed by a general absolution, as in some Protestant Churches. God will not be mentioned in this ceremony, which will not be called a Sacrament anymore (because this word must also disappear from the vocabulary).”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. Already this pseudo-sacrament has replaced the Sacrament of Penance in most churches.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “As for the Sacrament of Extreme Unction, we will have to find another word for it…. We will have to see to it that the notion of eternal life, judgment, Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell be replaced by the sole desire to be cured….. I would willingly choose the expression “Sacrament of the sick.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. Just as the Anti-Apostle planned in 1940, the Sacrament of Extreme Unction, so powerful to reconcile to eternity the soul in its last hour, has been obliterated and in its place a mere “blessing of the sick” substituted with the very name that the Anti-Apostle suggested, the “sacrament of the sick.” I have been called in at the last minute to attend a soul when it realizes that Church of the New Order has not the power to absolve it or to prepare it for eternity. Believe me, the vapid Church of the New Order looks quite different to a soul when faced with the seriousness of eternity!

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “It is of prime necessity completely to reform the words of the Mass, and it will be well even to suppress the word itself and to replace it by “The Lord’s Supper” or by “Eucharist” (for example). The Renovation of the Mass must minimize the importance of what they call “Consecration” and must give to the Communion a much more trivial appearance.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDERYou might call it a “mass,” but that is not what they call it. Just as the Anti-Apostle planned in 1940, the terms Lord’s Supper or Eucharist have become much more common. The “consecration” of the Novus Ordo service has in fact been minimized: not even the Catholic and Apostolic words, confirmed as dogma by the Council of Trent, have been left untampered.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “We will suggest the possibility of abandoning the high altar and of replacing it by a small table, completely bare, where the priest will stand facing the people.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. First the “turned-around” T.V. table was optional; then it was recommended. Now, according to the 2000 third edition of the Novus Ordo missal, it is required.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “Each text forming the Ordinary of the Mass will be carefully compared with the texts used by the Anglicans and Lutherans, in order to promote a single text of varying texts apt to be accepted by these three religions.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. It is well known that the Masonic Grand Architect of the Novus Ordo service used six Protestants to help him write the new service, with the full approval of Paul VI, who gladly posed for an historic photograph with the six, which was published by the Vatican Press Office. The six publicly attested to the fact that the Novus Ordo service had been so changed in comparison to the Traditional Latin Mass that they had no problem whatsoever using it as their own Protestant worship service from then on.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “To weaken further the notion of ‘Real Presence’ of Christ, all decorum will have to be set aside. No more costly embroidered vestments, no more sacred music, especially no more Gregorian chant, but a music in jazz style.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. In fact, the traditional vestments of the Church have been replaced by an all-purpose slip-over alb. What passes for “music” in the Novus Ordo service is a cacophony of electronic pianos, drums, and rock-based rhythms and tunes. The pipe organ, the Church’s only authentic instruments, has been relegated to oblivion — or sold to nearby Protestant churches. The Church whose music was once the envy of the world and all its cultures now panders the “junk culture” to the world, with the pope personally attending rock concerts and expressing his preference for them over anything religious.

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “Moreover, the faithful will have to break themselves of the habit of kneeling, and this will be absolutely forbidden when receiving Communion.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. This plank from the 1940 plan has been fulfilled before our very eyes! Just this month the U.S. bishops have banned kneeling for “communion” at Novus Ordo services. Many dioceses already prevent kneeling during the most sacred part of the service, the Canon. And because many Novus Ordinarians still insist on kneeling, many churches have removed the kneelers!

THE MODERNIST PLAN OF 1940. “In order to destroy all sacredness in the worship, the priest will be invited to say the whole Mass in the vernacular.”

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY THE VATICAN II NEW ORDER. Although the use of vernacular in the Mass was condemned with the censure of excommunication by the dogmatic Council of Trent, and even though Vatican II confirmed this dogma, the reality of the Church of the Novus Ordo is quite different. A virtual babble (Babel) of vulgar tongues has intruded into what is supposed to be the Sacred Liturgy. It is interesting that the word vernacular comes from the Latin word for slave, vernaculus, and indeed the Church of the New Order has enslaved its congregations to a phony “mass” and a a phony “communion,” which, far from being able to impart any graces, has admitted, in the words of Pope Paul VI, “Satan around the altar.”

So, do we traditional Catholics sink into despair and hopelessness, even into distrust of God, knowing that the New Order has been executed exactly according to the plan of atheistic Modernists as early as 1940? No! I end this commentary by quoting from the truly Catholic woman whom the Anti-Apostle met — sent by God to save him if that were possible, who knows? God gives even atheistic Modernists a chance at grace, if they will but accept it and convert.

Many souls, my Dear, will yield to the temptation of joining a completely human Church, which will mix up all beliefs so as to render them unrecognizable, but the [true] Catholic Church will continue to stand. If you persecute it, it will go into hiding, but its soul will always remain standing. For the mark of this Church is the submission to a Revelation which comes from Heaven….

You might win a certain number of souls to your perverse doctrines, maybe even a part of the Clergy (although I do not believe it), but you will never win all the souls; on the contrary, you will fortify the Saints. Yes, my poor dear friend, by attacking the Church of God you are but a toy in the hands of the All-Powerful. You believe yourself to be strong, but you are only strong insofar as God permits. Fear the day when the Lord will say: “It is enough, I have heard the prayers of those who suffer, and I have decided to comfort them by destroying My enemies.”

And that, my fellow traditional Catholics, is the explanation of what is going on in the Church today. It is a great test of our souls and of our sanctity. The magnitude of the forces against true Catholicism, even if it be within the Church, even if it be to the papacy itself, is but nothing against the All-Powerful.

It is up to us merely to keep the traditional Faith, to keep praying for the restoration of the Church, and one day the enemies of the Church will be destroyed as Marie Carré says — maybe sooner, maybe latter, but the Faith teaches us that the question is not if, but when.