Archbishop Comensoli, won’t you ever learn?

Catholics gushing over Archbishop Peter Comensoli’s recent slightly-bishopy comments about the sacking of Essendon’s CEO, should perhaps have remained a little more circumspect. One pro-life comment maketh not the man!

For those who may not know, Andrew Thorburn was sacked from his position as CEO of the football club due to his supposedly conservative Christian worldview. (Thorburn’s rather colourful – and less than Christian – past seems to escape the notice of the majority of commentators.)

Premier Dan Andrews continued the public pile-on, then our favourite Bishop put in his two cents worth and was suddenly hailed as the new JPII.

Comensoli’s statement was released via the Melbourne Catholic website on October 5th, then later republished in mainstream media. That was only three days before the annual March for the Babies, so it would have been reasonable to expect that the Lion of Melbourne would lead his flock of pro-life warriors through the streets to boldly protest the scourge of abortion. The Greek Bishop certainly did. And Protestant pastors, bless their hearts, were out in force. A few Catholic priests dotted the landscape, in low-key fashion.

But sadly, Archbishop Peter was nowhere to be seen. Whether the good prelate had a prior engagement, or whether he was simply putting his feet up in front of the fire at Gembrook, is something unknown to this author.

However, a pattern began to emerge after it was confided to me that His Grace was, on two separate occasions, invited to celebrate Mass for a pro-life group on October 22nd, and not only did he not acquiesce, but he did not even respond.

So, to recap Archbishop Comensoli’s track record, he:

* allows pro-abortion Dan Andrews to receive Holy Communion at a State Funeral

* employs a pro-abortion feminist in his inner circle

* doesn’t attend his Archdiocese’s biggest pro-life event of the year

* won’t celebrate Mass for dedicated Catholic pro-lifers (and impolitely won’t even answer them)

So …… maybe he’s not very pro-life after all. At least, not in any meaningful way.

But believe it or not, the comments above aren’t really what this article is about. That’s just my preambular gripe. This article is actually about an upcoming Mass to mark 175 years since the Archdiocese of Melbourne was established. In a nod to Melbourne’s multi-cultural society, the Mass features music and prayers from various nations – a Filipino Lamb of God, a Torres Strait Islander Great Amen, a Croatian Psalm, and so on it goes.

The opening hymn was specially written for the anniversary, but – get this – it was composed for the combined 175th anniversary of the Anglican and Catholic Dioceses of Melbourne. It’s a catchy little ditty about God and justice and a treaty. There’s a didgeridoo solo to make the point even clearer.

The Mass setting, including the cosmopolitan hymns and prayers, is an entirely new one called The Melbourne Mass – also jointly commissioned for the 175th anniversary of the Anglican and Catholic Dioceses of Melbourne by both churches! Yes, for use in both Catholic and Protestant churches!

Mind-boggling. (On a lesser note, how much did this – the composition of a Mass – cost the Archdiocese?? It would not be cheap. No wonder parishes are being consolidated.)

Now remember, it wasn’t long ago that Archbishop Comensoli, whilst casually suppressing a few local TLMs, said that it was incumbent upon him and all of his priests to offer the Mass worthily and decorously. And yet now he has gone ahead and had a sacrilegious Mass composed for himself and his heretical Anglican buddies.

Archbishop Comensoli, won’t you ever learn?

A couple of Melbourne’s Anglican “bishops’ – they are biological siblings. Reminds one of the old adage, “the family that schisms together, chrisms together.”

Ms Hoban deletes her complicity with abortion

Since my article of last week, which explained how Melbourne’s Archbishop Peter Comensoli hired an ex-Marie Stopes employee for his Professional Standards Unit, the woman in question, Loretta Hoban, has mysteriously updated her LinkedIn profile.

Now, only a few days ago, Ms Hoban was proud to advertise her time with the prestigious Marie Stopes. And why not? MSI slaughters 5.6 million unborn babies worldwide per annum so is no second-rate baby-killing outfit. MSI is obviously very professional about it, too: why else would the Archbishop choose a pro-abortion feminist over the hundreds of faithful Catholics who were qualified for the job – and who have never come within an inch of being complicit with abortion?

Anyway, in the last few days, it would appear that Ms Hoban has had second thoughts and no longer wants the world to know of her ties to Marie Stopes.

Strange that she left details of her work with the equally anti-life CARE International, Red Cross, Oxfam and Asia Foundation. (Hint: anyone trying to cover their tracks when it comes to involvement with abortion might want to replace the term “sexual and reproductive health” with something a little more, well…. prolife?)

Here’s a comparison of Ms Hoban’s CV of last week with the current one:

LAST WEEK: Ms Hoban was only too happy to provide details of the pro-abortion, pro-contraception Know and Grow project in which she participated in Cambodia
THIS WEEK: struck by a sudden bout of humility, Ms Hoban has hidden her involvement with Know and Grow, but not to worry – that li’l old article at Buzzfeed is still up and it fills in the gaps….
LAST WEEK: Ms Hoban’s experience with Marie Stopes was related in great detail ….
THIS WEEK: Marie Stopes is nowhere to be found.

Far be it from me to suggest that Ms Hoban’s editing spree is due to the article that appeared on this site – but it really is quite the coincidence.

It would be nice to think that in this case, the pen was mightier than the sword, but unfortunately, when it comes to dismembered babies, that just isn’t so. Their blood still cries to heaven, and responsibility for that can’t be simply wiped away with the stroke of a computer key.

Melbourne Archbishop hires a pro-abort to ‘protect children’

Archbishop Comensoli just doesn’t seem to get it. When he’s not disrupting parishes, hand-wringing over government crackdowns or otherwise fiddling in a Masonic key while Rome burns, then he’s adding another feminist ideologue to his cohort of anti-Catholic employees.

This time, he really has outdone himself: he has hired a former top-level Marie Stopes employee to coordinate the Archdiocese’s National Redress Scheme for survivors of priestly sex abuse. That’s right, a woman who has facilitated the deaths of perhaps tens of thousands of tiny children in utero has been hired to advise a Catholic Archdiocese on how to protect children.

The unfortunate woman’s name is Loretta Hoban: she was hired last year and the description of her role comes straight from her LinkedIn profile:

“To provide high level strategic policy advice to create a culture of safety for children in the organisation. This includes policy oversight and advice relating to child safety and the safety of vulnerable people. In addition, the role oversees the operation of the National Redress Scheme for survivors of abuse in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

So His Grace hired a pro-abortion fembot to ‘create a culture of safety for children.’ Great. Why doesn’t he get Vladimir Putin in to advise on conflict resolution while he’s at it.

Just think – only two years previously, Hoban was teaching Cambodian teenagers how to get on in life by contracepting and aborting their babies. Now she’s ‘safeguarding children.’

This is almost as bad as that former Archbishop of Hobart getting the Family Planning director into his schools to teach little children about ‘relationships’. That woman eventually went on to greater things, too – she joined Tasmanian politics and had abortion legalised through all nine months of pregnancy.

Sometimes, all those aspirations pay off.

An aspirator.

Used for performing first trimester abortions.

The cultural imperialists just LOVE handing these out in developing nations.

The appointment of Ms Hoban to the Archdiocesan position took place in April 2021, and made her second-in-charge of the Professional Standards Unit. This means that she is part of the team set up to ‘audit’ parishes for compliance with a plethora of ‘woke’ guidelines. These are ostensibly to protect children from abuse in the parish setting, but are really just a way of monitoring and controlling priests. The Boomers love it.

Of course, as anyone with half a brain knows, most child abuse occurs within the home, but that is no obstacle for the intrepid ideologues who know that there are lucrative opportunities waiting for those who want to infiltrate dioceses and further their immoral agendas under the guise of safeguarding children.

Let’s take a closer look at just how Ms Hoban spent her time before landing her prestigious job with CAM.

Well, for starters, she spent some time with the pro-aborts par excellence, Marie Stopes International, (recently rebranded as Ms Stopes’ penchant for eugenics is now known to the mainstream).

Hoban was employed there in 2015 to kick off a project targeting factory workers in Phnom Penh. Seems that those underprivileged third-world women were not sophisticated enough to understand Western ideas of motherhood so they needed Ms Hoban and her US$4 million to show them how to kill their own offspring. Sounds pretty racist to me.

Then there was that research paper she co-authored in 2016, which investigated what Cambodian career-women thought about contraception. Turns out, they were just as wedded to the idea of traditional motherhood as were the factory workers. Not surprising for a family-oriented Buddhist country like Cambodia. Buddhists hate abortion – or they did until Ms Hoban turned up.

After that, from 2016-17 she was empowering women at the UN-loving Asia Foundation and you can bet she wasn’t there to promote NFP.

Then in 2019, Hoban helped develop that cute little app for CARE, the one which lured Cambodian factory-workers into using more efficient – that is, better at baby-killing – forms of contraception. Here’s what she told pro-abort news outlet, Buzzfeed, about the app:

“Mobile games are increasingly popular in Cambodia, and the app provides a fun and interactive way to learn about a topic that people are often shy to speak about…. [The] stories engage viewers emotionally while providing accurate and easy-to-understand information about contraception.”

How thoughtful of her.

Nihilistic cultural imperialism with your hard-earned tax-dollars (CARE is funded by DFAT – the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.)

Now …. refresh my mind …. what is that mission statement plastered all over the Archdiocesan website? Is it that they have a

“Commitment to the safety of children and young people”

and that

“Safeguarding children and young people is central to our mission”??

Well, excuse my French, but how the hell can someone who thinks it’s good to kill children be trusted to protect them?

And why is this pro-abort feminist being given the authority to lecture priests about preventing abuse? No form of child abuse is more extreme than killing them!

And why – O why? – is this woman being handsomely paid by a Catholic Archdiocese when she obviously has no regard for Catholic teaching?

Remember: thousands of Catholics are out of work because they won’t take the abortion-tainted jab. But this anti-Catholic pro-abort has been brought in to ride the abuse-scandal gravy train.

Comensoli really has gone too far this time. I suggest that if you don’t want your collection money funding a pro-abortion feminist like Loretta Hoban – and she’s not the only one roaming the halls in Melbourne – then let Archbishop Comensoli know your thoughts here:

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Religious freedom: mixed messages and cross-purposes

“It’s not fair.”

That was the plaintive cry from the Victorian hierarchy when the mean old state government announced that it will be making Catholic schools hire gay teachers.

“We stood up for you”, the Archbishop could be imagined to lament. “We shut our churches, we halted the First Blessing and the Last Rites; we stopped sanitising souls and started sanitising hands, just because you told us to. Heck, we even beat you to it!”

But instead of being grateful, bad Catholic Dan Andrews went full steam ahead with his pet project. Well, maybe that was always going to be the result when the Church set the bar so low by limiting Her mission to promoting “a fair and just society in which pluralism is valued and respected.” Sounds nice, but it’s just not Catholic.

From the Syllabus of Errors:

#15. Every man is free to embrace and profess that religion, which, guided by the light of reason, he shall consider true.

Allocution “Maxima Quidem”, June 9, 1862; “Damnatio Multiplices Inter”, June 10, 1851.

Now, of course, for the bishops it is totally fine if they choose to allow gay teachers in their schools. (Likewise cohabiting or atheist or communist teachers.) But it’s a different matter entirely when the State compels a Catholic Education Department to stop exercising its autonomy, right?

It might seem virtuous to complain, but where exactly were you for the last few decades when parents despaired because their children were not adequately being taught the Faith?

And, as the pages of this website document, there wasn’t a peep from the Archdiocese when Dan Andrews tried to go full Nazi last month with his Pandemic powers. So this hullabaloo over restrictions on schools is not entirely consistent.

The schizophrenic state of affairs continues with an email from the chancellor to the Archdiocesan clergy, meant to apprise priests of the new laws and bills around religious freedom. The email includes links to several articles which are meant to provide reference material for the clergy.

One article is the Archbishop’s glowing appraisal of the Federal government’s religious freedom bill. That bill certainly does seem to offer some protections for Catholic schools, and may prove useful as it could override the state government’s proposals, which are clearly discriminatory (in the bad way.)

Another article is by ex-Labor MP and now Executive Director of the National Catholic Education Commission, Jacinta Collins, who thinks the proposed Federal bill will provide some necessary protections. So far, so good: with her strong pro-life record, at least she is somewhat Catholic.

For further suggested reading, the chancery includes an article from John Haldane, Professor of Philosophy of Education at the ACU Melbourne on the Victorian government’s new law. Professor Haldane rightly condemns the law, observing “the extent to which … it would curtail the operations of many religious institutions, including schools, to a point where they would struggle to continue,” and its “unwarranted restriction on the idea of the ethical.” Great. There should be more of this.

But then who else does the Archdiocese haul out to opine on the Federal bill? None other than Frank Brennan, the Jesuit arch-heretic who was so public in his support of gay marriage. And the best ammunition he can muster to support his position on the bill is the UN declaration on Human Rights!

Well, come to think of it, the choice of Brennan as apologist might be rather apt: he is the perfect role model for all those parents who like their schools “Catholic, but not too Catholic.”

(And remember that little ol’ Plenary Council? Brennan is a peritus. Just one more reason why it’s difficult to take the Plenary seriously.)

But back to the Archbishop’s lauding and lamentations – here’s a little free advice:

Anyone who is really serious about a “free and open society”, giving people a “fair go”, and avoiding “un-Australian” behaviour, would not be banning priests from attending Freedom rallies or implementing segregation in their parishes.

They would not be sacking priests for educating their parishioners about harmful and immoral “vaccines”.

They would be financially supporting Catholics who are out of work because of vaccine mandates. (Although that won’t happen here, as the Melbourne Archdiocese is broke.)

But in an Archdiocese where Catholic students can attend a formal with their gay partner, where a public sinner like Premier Daniel Andrews can receive Holy Communion at a celebrity funeral, where a Catholic college persecutes students who don’t follow their LGBTI agenda, and where the process of amalgamating parishes is being deceptively promoted as non-amalgamation, consistency is obviously not its strongpoint.

Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for the hierarchy to understand that for a Catholic school to merit the right to employ the staff of its choice, that school would have to actually be Catholic, in ethos and practise.

Persecuted Christians and Digital Passports.

Last night was Red Wednesday, and an annual liturgy honouring persecuted Christians was unironically held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. By all accounts, the evening went off without a hitch.

Non-vaccinated Catholics knew their place and waited outside until it was clear that the government-mandated quota for “undeclared status” had not been reached and they were allowed to enter the building.

(Under current Victorian health-paranoia policies, only fifty people can be present inside a church building if even one refuses to give their vaccination status to the authorities – this applies regardless of the size of the building.)

As light rain began to fall, the unclean swapped stories about which shops they had been thrown out of that day and of the buses in which they had been made to sit in the back. Apparently they felt quite privileged to have been allowed to answer their calls of nature without the need to show proof of vaccination. (Archbishop Comensoli might want to install a QR code reader in the bathrooms to see that it doesn’t happen again.)

A conscientious security guard initially prohibited entry to the unmasked as well. When they promptly knelt on the steps to pray, the somewhat shocked guard relented and advised them that they could enter sans masks. It was a real blessing that Catholics who put their faith in God were, in the end, allowed to worship with those who put their faith in gene therapy, mandates, QR codes, digital passports and the like.

Priests and laity representing various Eastern Rite Catholic groups and migrant groups were in attendance; for some reason there was no priest representing non-vaccinated Catholics. (Word on the street is that not quite all of Archbishop Comensoli’s faithful priests have handed in their resignations as yet. He really needs to try a bit harder, as despite his best efforts, some have managed to persevere by uniting their sufferings with those of the Crucified One.)

Reliable reports indicate that the evening was very prayerful and that an Iraqi priest’s homily about his experiences of persecution made a deep impression on all present. His suffering was tangible but thankfully, his faith was intact. God bless him.

Some present wondered if the persecution of Christians in his country began with closure of the churches, segregation of the populace or forced detention of Indigenous citizens. But that really is a stretch of the imagination.

Afterwards, outside the Cathedral, the conversation turned to tares and wheat, and one mean, old Trad suggested that it might be time for the Church to introduce Her very own app to be used to indicate worthiness for reception of Communion.

I’ve developed the idea here. Call it a Digital Ecclesial Passport, (DEP) if you will. Parish priests could outline their DEP policies in their weekly bulletins in this way:

Please note that it is a condition of entry to our Communion Queue (CQ) that parishioners show their Digital Ecclesial Passport (DEP) with positive proof that they are in a state of grace. Your DEP must be linked with your medical records indicating that you are not currently using artificial birth control and have not previously undergone a vasectomy, tubal ligation or in vitro fertilisation. [Exemptions apply for those who are truly repentant and have made adequate reparation for their grave sin/s.]

Please ensure that your DEP is also linked to the Diocesan Records Department, showing either a “Single” or “Regular Marriage” status, as those cohabiting or in irregular marriages will not be allowed into the CQ.

Politicians and other prominent civic personalities will require additional proof of their “Ability to Receive Holy Communion” status. Those in this category will need to link their DEP to the “How They Voted” portal, and anyone with a score of less than 99.99% on matters of morality (including but not limited to, abortion and assisted dying legislation) will be declined entry to the CQ. Note that exemptions claimed under the “I’m a Catholic, but ….” clause are invalid.

The parish priest reserves the right to exclude from the CQ those whose passports do not show:

* sufficient preparation for reception of Holy Communion

* attendance at the Sacrament of Confession after participation in mortal sin

* belief in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Sacred Species

NOTE: Please consult the Dress Code tab on your app for information on appropriate clothing required for entry into my church.

Parents of school-age children must be able to prove that they have made tangible attempts to raise their children in the Catholic Faith before admission into the CQ. Those who allow their children to attend diocesan-based Catholic schools must be able to show proof that their chosen educational provider is not detrimental to their children’s faith and wellbeing. (Good luck with that one lol)

your PP.

It definitely shows promise.

DEPs for clerics would need some extra tweaks. Maybe a “Proof of non-involvement in Vatican Bank investments” certificate and evidence that a Grindr app had not been activated within 48 hours of celebration of the Sacraments?

The app would be free, of course, although some savvy IOR official could come up with a paid version that tracks indulgences and converts them to Bitcoin for a small fee. What could possibly go wrong?

Hmmm. On second thoughts, maybe it wouldn’t take off. Catholics simply wouldn’t allow that kind of persecution and segregation to take place in their churches.

Parents would have to start taking responsibility for their children’s formation and we all know that’s the obligation of the non-Catholic teachers with their heretical catechesis programs. And as for the dress code? Most Catholics don’t like being told what to wear – unless they’re asked to wear a mask. Masks do cover a multitude of sins, you know. (They don’t cover cleavage very well, but are known to prevent small sins of transmission.)

Better to keep things as they are, with all and sundry allowed to partake of the Holy Eucharist whenever they attend Mass. Even those pesky non-vaccinated Catholics should be able to attend, providing, of course, that the government allows it.

Eucharistic Incoherence: Daniel Andrews receives Holy Communion at State Funeral

Under the watchful eye of the happy-go-lucky Archbishop of Melbourne, Peter Comensoli, neo-Nazi Premier Dan Andrews was given Holy Communion today at the state funeral of entertainer Bert Newton.

Dean of the Cathedral, Fr Werner Utri, placed the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ into the hands of the man who is responsible for more murders than Jack the Ripper, due to the pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia legislation inflicted by Daniel Andrews on his state of Victoria.

Prior to the distribution of the Eucharist, Archbishop Comensoli announced to the congregation that “what has become for us the Body and Blood of Our Lord is received by Catholics – those in communion with the Catholic Church – in Holy Communion.” He then invited Catholics who come forward “in good faith” to receive Communion.

The Cathedral was packed with showbiz personalities and its administrators must have been glad they had Tap and Go terminals installed during the pandemic. The twinkling lights might have lured a few celebs into leaving donations after Mass today. If so, Andrews deserves a tip for his Faithful Catholic performance.

In addition to his existing death-dealing laws, Premier Andrews is trying to have two more disastrous pieces of legislation passed: one that will force Catholic schools to employ sodomites (although, to be honest, how many parents with children at Catholic schools would have any objections to that?) and another that could see Catholics detained for failing to be injected with harmful and immoral COVID “vaccines.”

That latter law will give Andrews unlimited power in his state without the oversight of Parliament and has received round condemnation from politicians, lawyers and QCs, grassroots activists, Christian groups and even from some progressive media outlets. One figure who has remained conspicuously silent about Andrews’ tyranny is the Archbishop of Melbourne: the same Archbishop who looked on while Andrews received Holy Communion today.

Left. Archbishop Comensoli, doing his best JPII impression. He must have missed the memo about fighting against totalitarian regimes.

For those with strong stomachs, here is the eulogy given by Daniel Andrews for Bert Newton. It contains all the hype and hubris we have come to expect from politicians who like to thumb their nose at God while flaunting their Catholic credentials. Andrews ended with the money quote, “Bert was more than talent, he was trust.”

Whatever that means.

In the face of all this dazzling celebrity, one might expect that the Archbishop could overlook some of his important obligations. But this was not at all the case, as ABC News summed up in their breathless report:

“Archbishop Comensoli gives some instructions about hand-sanitising stations before the communion begins.”

We only wish that the Archbishop would be as concerned about the state of his communicants’ souls as he is about their hygiene.