This French Mystic predicted the Adrenochrome trade

Blessed Marie-Julie Jahenny is well-known for her prophecies about the rise of a false Church and the Three Days’ Darkness, but a newly-released book on Marian prophecies includes rare predictions from the mystic which seemingly include references to cannibalism and the adrenochrome trade.

…today it [the world] makes a hellish trade, the likes of which the world has never seen before … All is delivered up, everything is sold and new plots are being hatched every day. The hunger to devour human flesh, the thirst for human blood makes all their bodies seethe with unrest, and consumed with a desire to reach their goal as soon as possible.

(Nov 1924)

Fairly graphic, isn’t it?

It is clear that Marie-Julie was given a premonition of something more than mere organ harvesting, or even of industrial scale organ trafficking trade, such as the one which has become institutionalised in China. She spoke of the “devouring” of human flesh and of the drinking of human blood.

This points to a civilisation on the brink of extinction; Hilaire Belloc believed cannibalism was the sign of a civilisation about to be annihilated. That certainly sounds like our Western culture.

When the New York Times starts running articles about cannibalism, then some red flags certainly start a-flying.

Marie-Julie had some inspirations about other aspects of our civilisation’s decline, as if to confirm the abysmal state of this evil generation. She foresaw a totalitarian society complete with surveillance and detention, as well as a return to the use of the guillotine – that highly-favoured implement of French revolutionaries:

The strong political party will be the one of evil’s victory … the small number will fall under the thunder of these voices who call for the blood and the flesh of bodies to “stretch their instruments” as they say. The Christian judges will be replaced in every part of France. The people will have to submit to surveillers or being sent to prison and finish one’s life under cutting weapons.

(Jan 1882)

I have no idea about what “stretching their instruments” refers to, but when searching, I came across a technique used in genetic experimentation known as “stretching”. Whether or not this is related to the prophesy, there is no doubt that many of the chastisements seen by Marie-Julie Jahenny stem from the world’s obsession with Scientism and that realm’s fascination with cells stolen from aborted babies.

As she said, “the world makes a hellish trade.” And nothing is more hellish than powerful adults misusing innocent children.

Whether you believe that adrenochrome is a real substance harvested by elites from terrified children, or whether you think it is Q-Anon bunkum, one thing is for sure: a hundred years ago, Blessed Marie-Julie Jahenny predicted that one day, a gruesome trade would be conducted on earth, to supply depraved customers with human flesh and blood. If that isn’t worthy of a divine intervention, then nothing is.

Archbishop Vigano on Freemasonry

The following is taken from the video interview between Italian journalist,  Armando Manocchia, and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. The English transcript is from LifeSiteNews.

A Manocchia: Can it be said that the West is in crisis because it rejects God and the natural law, and above all because it underestimates the value of life and has made a huge mistake from a moral, economic, and social point of view that has led to the current ethical drift and to moral decline?

Archbishop Viganò: I do not think we can speak of a “mistake;” it is rather a fraud, a betrayal carried out by those who, in positions of power, have guiltily decided to transform Italy into a colony partly of Germany (as far as economy), partly of France (as far as culture), partly of the United States (as far as international politics), and partly of the entire European Union (as far as fiscal policy and so-called reforms). We are always subservient to someone, despite the fact that our country has shown many times in history – in times that were much more difficult and troubled – that it can compete very well with great foreign powers.

The basic problem is that the governments we have had – since the Savoy Monarchy – have been completely manoeuvred by Freemasonry, deciding on reforms, declaring wars, drawing borders and stipulating treaties always and only on the orders of the Lodges. Notoriously Masonic parliamentarians, Freemason ministers, Masonic university professors, primary Freemasons, senior Masonic officers, Freemason publishers and Freemason bishops have obeyed the oath of allegiance to the Grand Lodge and betrayed the interests of the Italian Nation. Today Freemasonry avails itself of its “secular arm,” the Davos Forum, which sets the agenda for the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the European Union, the various “philanthropic” foundations, the political parties and the Bergoglian church.

But the fact that this coup d’état is so vast and branched does not imply that it is less real; indeed, the present situation is very serious precisely because it involves hundreds of nations that are in fact governed by a single elite group of criminal conspirators. On the other hand, there is no need to talk of “conspiracy theories”: just listen to what the main architect of the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, said on May 23 while speaking at the Davos Forum: “The future is not built by itself: it is we [of the World Economic Forum] who will build the future. We have the means to impose the world we want. And we can do this by acting as a ‘stakeholder’ in the communities and collaborating with each other” (here and here).

The Ukrainian crisis is also part of this plan: “With the right narrative we will use the war to make you green.” Schwab’s advisor, Yuval Noah Harari – who sums up all the “talents” of the woke intellectual as an Israeli, homosexual, vegan animal rights activist, who is anti-Putin and anti-Russian, as well as fiercely against Trump – went so far as to state shamelessly: “In ten years, everyone will have a brain implant and eternal life in the digital realm… Google and Microsoft will decide which book we should read, who to marry, where to work and who to vote for…” (here). Harari is the author of various essays, including Sapiens. Da animali a dèi. Breve storia dell’umanità. [Sapiens. From Animals to Gods. A Brief History of Humanity] (2011) and of Homo Deus. Breve storia del futuro. [Homo Deus. A Brief History of the Future] (2015). It is the nonsensical raving of the transhuman man who thinks he can defeat death and make himself a god.

The fraud carried out against the Italian people was that of making them believe, beginning in the nineteenth century, that it was their will to free themselves from the yoke of the tyranny of the various pre-unification Italian states, under the aegis of the Piemontesi rulers who were obedient to Freemasonry; that it was their will to rebel against the authority of the legitimate Sovereigns in the name of “freedom,” without understanding that they would be subjected to much worse corrupt individuals; that it was their will to get rid of the Savoy Monarchy in the immediate post-war period in order to set up the Italian Republic in its place; that it was their will to join the European Union with the mirage of the Eldorado [that it would lead to wealth and prosperity], and then find out what deception all this represented. And who was behind these demands for freedom, democracy, progress? Always and only Freemasonry, with its servants infiltrated everywhere.

Perhaps the time has come for Italians to begin to decide their own future without it being dictated by full-blown traitors, and for traitors to be judged for what they are – criminal conspirators – ousting them forever from politics and from any possibility of interfering with the life of the country. Let the magistrates and the police remember that very soon those who supported this dictatorial regime will be considered a collaborator and condemned as such. A jolt of dignity and honor on their part right now would still be credible.

When the Masons tried to kill Don Bosco

Published in italian at el tiempo as “The two assassination attempts on Saint John Bosco by a Freemason group”

03/02/22: John Bosco, or Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco in Italian, is known today as Don Bosco . He was a 19th century priest, writer, and educator who founded the Salesian Family congregation.

Much is said about the work of this priest with the poorest young people. The subject always bothered him and he tried to help them with what he could. Although Don Bosco was a good person, the Freemasons hated him and wanted to kill him . In fact, they tried to do it twice. So it happened. The Freemasons had a secular view of education and proposed that schools should be secular and free of any religious value.

Precisely, these ideas generated a conflict with the Salesian sectors for their way of imparting their beliefs in schools .

Don Bosco considered that evangelization was done through the school. In fact, the Salesians wanted to convert the indigenous people and train them under their religion.
For this, a missionary and educational project was carried out where they visited different schools, parishes, hospitals and orphanages.


On June 1, 1980, an article called ‘Bollettino Salesiano ‘, by the Salesian Family, was published. In it, they relate how the assassination attempts against Don Bosco were, under the title ‘Purpose: to get rid of our Don Bosco’. The article commemorates almost 100 years since the assassination attempts against the priest. According to the ‘Bollettino Salesiano’, at the end of June 1880, a former student of Don Bosco, the young Alessandro Dasso, asked to speak with him.

“ His eyes were anguished ”, recalled the publication.

He indicated that “ Don Bosco received him with his usual kindness ”, but faced with the “growing agitation” of the young man, the founder of the Salesian Family told him: “What do you want from me? Speaks! You know that Don Bosco loves you”. The young Dasso knelt down, began to cry and told Don Bosco the truth .

He admitted that he was affiliated with the Freemasons, who had condemned the priest to death. “Twelve men had been drawn; twelve individuals had to succeed with that order to carry out the sentence”, reads the Bollettino Salesiano.

Also, he confessed that he was the first one they commanded, but that he did not want to kill him. At the end of his confession, the young man threw the weapon he had hidden on the floor and quickly left for his house.

Days later, Alessandro Dasso tried to commit suicide by throwing himself into the river, but was rescued by some policemen. Don Bosco helped him escape from Italy, and he lived in hiding until the day he died.

St John Bosco, 1880

Months later, in December 1880, a 25-year-old man visited the priest. Don Bosco admitted that his gaze gave him mistrust, as his eyes had a ‘sinister’ gleam. In the article they comment that the young man had a small six-shot revolver hidden, but without realizing it, his gun slipped out of his pocket and fell on the sofa.

“Don Bosco, without him realizing it, deftly placed his hand on it and slowly put it in his pocket”, recounted the ‘Bollettino Salesiano’.

Some time passed and the young man realized that he did not have the gun in his pocket and was surprised. The priest, who had the weapon, asked him: “What are you looking for, Lord?”

The young man told him that he had something in his pocket but he did not know where it was.

“ Don Bosco, quickly approaching the door and bringing his left hand to the handle to be ready to open it, pointed his gun at it and without getting angry said: ‘This is the tool you were looking for, isn’t it?’ Seeing this, the scoundrel was stunned ,” the article recalled.

The text also tells that the young man tried to take the revolver from him, but Don Bosco did not allow it and threw him out of the place. Finally, the boy had to leave with his companions, who were waiting for him outside in the car.

Don Bosco died on January 31, 1888 at the age of 72. Some time later, on June 2, 1929, exactly 39 years later, he was proclaimed blessed. On April 1, 1934, he was canonized by Pope Pius XI.

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Deism, Esotericism and Gnosis in the Masonic Constitutions of 1723


Published May, 2020. (Automatic online translation from Italian)

1723 is the year of the first Constitutions of the new Grand Lodge of London (later of England ) founded in 1717. The author is the Presbyterian pastor and Master Mason James Anderson (1679-1739). By now modern Freemasonry, that of the “Modern” Freemasons, no longer builds churches, but wants to rebuild Man, Society, social and religious relations.

In The Constitutions of the Free-Masons (London 1723), instead of the Old Charges , or Ancient Duties (for which cf. article here ), we find new Duties (“Charges”: Pp. 49-56), still valid in Freemasonry, for example in the Grand Orient of Italy from which I draw the Italian translation (GOI, Antichi Duty – Constitution – Regulation , Rome 2018) of some passages from the 1723 text.

New duties establish in Title I ( The Constitutions , p.50) that Freemasons are henceforth bound ” to that Religion in which all men agree, leaving them their particular opinions; that is, to be good and sincere men, or men of honor and honesty“.

In Title VI, 2 it is written that Freemasons belong to the aforementioned Universal Religion (“as Masons, of the Catholick Religion above mention’d “: p.54; catholic means universal). This religion, with which Freemasonry unites men of all religions or religious confessions (in an alchemical coincidentia oppositorum ), is not at all the Catholic Christian religion ( as, instead, some Catholic Freemasons of the pro-English area affirm ), but it is a natural, anthropocentric and rationalist religiosity that relegates the dogmas to mere opinions. It is Deism, as also admitted by English Freemasons [ AQC 78 (1965), pp.50-51.55].

Historian David Stevenson notes that Anderson, as pastor, hates Catholics and Deists in his sermons, but writing as a Freemason the Constitutions also includes Deism in the Masonic Universal Religion (cf. Heredom, vol. 10/2002, Scottish Rite Research Society , Washington DC , USA, pp. 97,115-116,119-121,127; p.136 note70).

There’s more: I discovered that even in the Constitutions of 1723 there are traces of Esotericism and Gnosis. Here they are in summary. On the cover or frontispiece there is the image of Phoebus-Apollo, the shining sun-god who, young and naked, travels the sky with his chariot. Phoebus, god of divination, gives life and death (alchemical death-rebirth?), Loves both Daphne and Giacinto (divine, initiatory bisexuality?). The image of the god Phoebus, together with that of the Cainite Tubalcain, is already in an alchemical booklet printed in Florence in the 14th century (cf. A Libretto di Alchemy engraved on lead sheets in the 14th century… , Città di Castello 1910, pp. 27.30). Again on the title page of the Constitutions, under the title there is a bird that seems to resemble the ibis, the symbol of Hermes Trismegistus.

I discovered that, in the seventeenth century, in London, in the Devil’s Tavern, in a room called the Oracle of Apollo, the Apollo Club met: a literary club that also recited odes to the Devil. In the Devil’s Tavern there was also a libertine and blasphemous circle, the Hell-Fire-Club to which belonged the Duke of Wharton, Freemason, depicted in the Constitutions of 1723 as newly elected Grand Master!

From 1722 in the Devil’s Tavern a lodge met that took that name, “Devil”. In the “Apollo” of the Devil’s Tavern, from 1725 to 1767, the Grand Lodge of London held at least 75 meetings (cf.The New England Freemason, N° 12, pp.543-544; AQC 11 (1898), p.30; cf. G. Oliver, in W. Hutchinson, Spirit of Masonry, 1843, p.12).

In the historical-legendary part of the Constitutions of 1723 the 4 sons of Lamech, Cainites, do not have a prominent position as in the previous Old Charges of the XV-XVIII centuries. Now it is God who directly transmits the Art / Science of Geometry / Masonry to Adam and these then to his sons Cain and Seth. Abel is not mentioned (pp. 1-2). Anderson does not say that, even according to the Jewish Kabbalah, God passed on the Secrets of the Kabbalah to Adam.

In fact, modern Freemasonry presents itself as an initiatory society and as a spiritual art that binds the Initiates to each other and to the Divine. In a hymn attached to the Constitutions , Freemasonry is defined as divine art revealed by Heaven ( “Craft divine!… From Heav’n reveal’d“: P. 83). Even in Anderson’s Constitutions, Cain figures as the first Mason who builds a city.

Anderson writes that Cain is the Prince of one half of humanity and his posterity has imitated his royal example in improving Science and Masonry (p. 2). Then, in a note, the descendants of Cain (Tubalcain, Jabal…) are credited with the invention of metalworking, architecture and other arts (p. 2). Among the keepers of the Masonry, Nimrod, king of Babylon, is also praised; in footnote Anderson specifies that Nimrod means Rebel and that he was revered as Baal and Bacchus (p. 4).

Anderson mentions the wise men of the Chaldeans, the “Magi,” – hence the term: magic, and the priests of ancient Egypt as custodians and transmitters of Masonry; he specifies that about the Chaldeans, the Magi, Hiram Abiff and Moses, it is necessary to speak only in a constituted Lodge! Another keeper of the Muratoria is Cam (“Ham”), one of Noah’s sons. Pythagoras and Euclid are also among the keepers of the Masonry (cf. pp. 4-5, 8, 16, 20-21). It is good to know that in magical literature, at least since the sixteenth century, Cam is associated with black magic (cf. BE Jones, Freemasons’ Guide and Compendium , London 1950, p. 314).

In the Constitutions, Anderson praises the architect, Vitruvius, (p.25) and affirms that in times of ignorance geometry was considered to be the evocation of spirits (p. 36, note *). The scholar, Frances Yates, (1899-1981) sees a similarity between these statements by Anderson and what the magician, John Dee, (1527-1608) wrote in his preface to Euclid’s Mathematics: Dee praised Vitruvius and called out those who accused him of evoking spirits (The Rosicrucian Enlightenment, London – New York 2002, pp. 271-272). Scholar Susann Mitchell Summers found that Anderson possessed the writings of John Dee and other wizards and occultists (cf. The Square , December 2018, Addlestone, UK, p. 18).

In the Constitutions 1723 there is mention of the ” shining and free Genius ” of the Freemasons, then in one of the songs in the appendix to the Constitutions the powerful Genius of the Upper Lodge is praised (” The Mighty Genius of the lofty Lodge “: p.80). Later in the title page of the Constitutions of 1784 will appear ” the Genius of Masonry “, a winged angel bearing light (a lucifer), defined as she (“She”). Initiatory androgyny? In Title II of Masonic Duties , Anderson writes that even if a Mason commits a crime against the State, he cannot be expelled from the Lodge and maintains an irrevocable bond (“indefeasible “), or indelible, with the Lodge (p. 50)

Also interesting is Anderson’s 1738 New Book of Constitutions approved by the Grand Lodge of London at the Devil’s Tavern . After Anderson’s preface, there is the image of a seated woman, surrounded by various objects including the Caduceus of Mercury (p. X), that is the winged staff with two entwined snakes, symbol of Hermes Trismegistus. In the appendix to The New Book of Constitutions there is a pamphlet from 1730, A Defense of Masonry , in which the rites and principles of Freemasonry are linked to those of ancient pagan, Egyptian, Pythagorean, Druid, Qabalist Mysteries (pp. 216- 226).

In 1739 a posthumous, non-Masonic work by Anderson, ” News from Elysium: or Dialogues of the Dead ” was published in two volumes in London . On the title page of both volumes stands the figure of Hermes Trismegistus flying in the sky and carrying his Caduceus (cf. AQC 18 (1905) pp. 34-37). In the second image Hermes / Mercury appears to have female breasts. Androgyny?