Pope Francis Rewrites the Commandments

Pope Francis’ October address to the World Movement of Populist Movements contained all the technocrat talking points with which the world is so enamoured while omitting the solid Catholic teaching which it so desperately needs.

Characterised by America Magazine as nine “Commandments”, the Pope’s list of nine areas in need of change indicates that the Ten Commandments as given to Moses by God the Father are no longer suited to the Modern World. In true socialist style, the Pope called for an overhaul of the current capitalist system demanding the redistribution of wealth and the establishment of a Universal Basic Income. Presumedly expecting governments worldwide to take his advice and pick up the tab, he requested that workers’ hours be reduced in an effort to allow greater numbers to be employed.

He went on to say that the world is at a crossroads and that for mankind to return to its previous course would be “suicidal … ecocidal and genocidal.” The Pope also said that politicians should not be listening only to economic elites. This is quite bizarre, coming from the man who regularly meets with economic elites like Jeffrey Sachs, Paul Ehrlich, Ban Ki-moon, and Mark Zuckerberg.

The Pope claimed that the Catholic Church doesn’t have all the answers, but does have “some principles that can help along this journey to provide concrete answers, and to help Christians and non-Christians alike.” Without any mention of God or man’s duty toward Him, the Pope’s nine “commandments” instead cover almost all of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Pharmaceutical companies should make patents for COVID “vaccines” freely available (SDG #3)
  • International credit institutions should cancel debt. (SDG #1 and #10)
  • Big resource corporations should stop polluting and stop destroying habitats. (SDG #7, 9, 13)
  • Food corporations should end monopolies and provide inexpensive food. (SDG #2)
  • Powerful nations should rely on global entities such as the UN for mediating conflict. (SDG #17)
  • Big tech corporations should censor “hate speech, fake news and conspiracy theories.” (SDG #11)
  • Arms manufacturers and dealers should completely stop arms production. (SDG #16)
  • Media corporations should provide digital education for the poor. (SDG #4)
  • The media should report in a moral fashion and protect those who are “most damaged.” (SDG #5)

The Pope continued with a nod to Jacques Maritain and his integral humanism, urging other religious leaders to promote disarmament as a means to “integral human development.” He then compared the Good Samaritan to protesters outraged by the death of the George Floyd, saying:

It is clear that this type of reaction against social, racial or macho injustice can be manipulated or exploited by political machinations or whatever, but the main thing is that, in that protest against this death, there was the Collective Samaritan who is no fool! This movement did not pass by on the other side of the road when it saw the injury to human dignity caused by an abuse of power.

For consistency’s sake, it would have been helpful to his fellow Catholics had the Pope also decried the global pattern of violence being perpetrated by police against unarmed citizens. Those workers who protest against draconian lockdown measure and vaccine mandates also have the right to employment instead of being shut out of their workplaces by the economic elites with whom Francis enjoys unending “closeness” and “dialogue.”

But then, why should consistency be expected from a man who blasphemously promotes, “in the name of God”, the UN’s radically antichristian agenda?

The Pope excludes unvaxxed Swiss Guards from his Inclusive church

In September, Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, announced on behalf of the Pope that all members of the Swiss Guard had to be fully vaccinated by October 1st in order to remain within the Vatican city-state. That date also marked the beginning of the practice of suspending the pay of any Vatican employee who doesn’t possess a Green Pass – the European version of a vaccination certificate.

The Swiss Guards’ vaccination was demanded in order “to protect their health and that of the others they come into contact with as part of their service,” according to a Vatican official. Of one hundred men, three opted to leave the corps, while another three have been suspended, pending completion of their vaccination schedule.

It wasn’t so long ago that the Pope was telling new recruits that they should be building friendships and appreciating their fellow Guards, “recognizing cultural, religious and social diversity as being a human richness and not a threat.”

Obviously, diversity of immunisation status is deemed a threat by this Pope. And I guess when he spoke to them about people “seeking security and a decent life”, he didn’t mean honest Catholic men in his employ who may have a conscientious objection to a vaccination, based on the doctrine which he, as Pope, is meant to be safeguarding.

All Swiss guards are Catholic and Swiss citizens. They constitute the world’s smallest standing army, having received training in the Swiss military. Their skills include unarmed combat and excellent marksmanship, although they are more commonly seen bearing medieval weapons and wearing rather flamboyant costumes. [Here is a short video on their role and history.]

Since their founding in 1505 by Pope Julius II, the role of the Guard has been physical protection of the Pope. Many have given their lives, including an entire cohort in 1527, who fought to the death to protect Pope Clement VII.

We can only imagine how heart-breaking it would be for these men who have pledged themselves to defending the Pope with their very lives, to now be told they are dispensable unless they allow themselves to be injected with an experimental drug developed using aborted babies.

To add insult to injury, the Vatican has shown openness to recruiting women to the elite force in the future. A huge renovation project, aimed at completion in 2027, will supply enough new rooms to allow women to be housed separately from the men – should the Vatican authorities decide to go down that route.

As ever, the Modernist lexicon defines words with reference to the globalist utopian dream. When it comes to the notion of “inclusion,” this papal administration always gives with one, well-sanitised hand while taking away with the other.

Marquis de la Franquerie on Synarchy- Part II


In another Instruction: “let’s flatter all the passions, the worst just as much as the most high-minded…”

It is necessary to make the immoral education of the Church and (they always come back to it) get to the triumph of the revolution by a Pope….giving a step to everything that aspires to move … adroitly slide the spirits of our dogmas into the spirits (on this point again the directives repeat it over and over again) that priests and lay people persuade that Christianity is essentially a democratic doctrine.”

On August 9, 1839, Vindice wrote to Nubius to tell him that he blamed the individual murders of which the Carbonari and he adds with odious cynicism:

We must not individualise vice; in order for it to grow to the proportions of patriotism and hatred of the Church, we must generalize it. Catholicism is no more afraid of a sharp dagger than the monarchy is, but these two foundations of the social order are likely to collapse through corruption; we at all events never allow ourselves to be corrupted. Do not, then, let us make martyrs but let us popularise vice among the masses. Whatever their five senses strive after shall be satisfied. Create hearts full of vice and you will have no more Catholics. That is the corruption on a large scale that we have undertaken, the corruption of the people by the people and the clergy by us, the corruption that leads the way to our digging the Church’s grave.

What result did the Occult Power achieve? Nubius, on April 3, 1824, two months after having taken the supreme direction of the Alta Vendita, writes: “There is a certain part of the clergy which bites at the hook of our doctrines with a marvelous vivacity, in particular in Rome”.

And on April 3, 1843, he always returns to the question he considers crucial: “We must arrive by small, well-graduated means, at the triumph of the revolution by a Pope.” 

In 1845, another head of the Alta Vendita wrote about Father Gioberti and his work:

“Gioberti priest speaks to priests their language, and I will tell you that we are learning from all sides that in ranks of the secular and regular clergy, the doctrines of freedom and the Pope at the head of this freedom and independence Italian are a thought that appeals to many; so much that they are able to persuade many that Catholicism is essentially a Democratic doctrine; this party grows every day more among the clergy. We are impatiently awaiting Gioberti’s new work, this work is for priests … “

On the one hand, the leaders of the anti-Christian conspiracy congratulate themselves on the success of their abominable maneuvers, the other the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Cardinal Bernetti, exposes his fears and his painful anguish in a letter of August 4, 1845:

“Our young clergy is imbued with liberal doctrines … Serious studies are abandoned … The part of the clergy which, after us, naturally comes into business … is a thousand times more tainted with liberal vice …; most of them do not know anything about the character or the things of this time and they indulge in suggestions which will obviously give rise to great crises for the Church. (Everywhere) the same spirit of discord is blowing over the clergy …

past to become new men. The spirit of sect replaces love of neighbor; individual pride

grows in the shadows … “

It is useful to give some additional details on this Luciferian plan that we can now see almost completely realized. Stanislas de Guaita wants to:

Revealing to theology the esoteric magnificence of which it is full, but without it understanding

(Stanislas de Guaita, Essay of Cursed Sciences, I, p. 159).

The ex-canon Roca answers him:

“My beloved brother in Jesus Christ I do not deny any of the principles of your teaching which is mine. We agree on all points of esoteric doctrine, which is, he writes to Papus (Gérard Encausse), the true initiation, the one Christ made to the twelve and then to the seventy-two.”1

Brother Marsaudon:

“There is no problem to be solved with the Protestant churches, any more than there is between Masonry and the Synagogue, the difficulties only exist with the Roman Church ”

(F. Marsaudon, Le Temple, Sept.-Oct. 1946, p. 34).

He wrote this in 1946. He would certainly not write it nowadays since too many Catholic religious authorities have denied and rejected all the past and the doctrine of the Church …

Roca announces liturgical anarchy, in the name of a return to primitive Christianity:

“I believe that the divine cult in the form directed by the liturgy, ceremonial, ritual and regulations of the Roman Church will shortly undergo a transformation at an ecumenical council, which will restore to it the venerable simplicity of the apostolic golden age in accordance with the dictates of conscience and modern civilisation.” ”(Roca, Abbot Gabriel and his fiancée).

And he continues:

“There is a sacrifice in the offing which represents a solemn act of expiation …. The Papacy will fall; it will die under the hallowed knife which the fathers of the last council will forge. The papal Caesar is a Host crowned for sacrifice.”(Roca, Glorious Centenary).

He announces that the reign of the Thomistic theology is coming to an end, because:

Mystical theology will be succeeded by scientific theology which the mature nations are crying out for.” (Roca, End of the Old World, pp. 525-538-492) and that Saint Thomas himself, if he returned to earth, would hasten to burn his theological sum and to replace it by the scientific sum.””(Roca, Glorieux Centenaire, p. 113).

He advises :

A new, sublime, broad, deep, truly universalist Christianity, absolutely versatile … a universal worship in which all cults will be encompassed…” (Glorious Centenary, pp. 77) and “…the god will be humanity which, in my eyes, is membership with Christ,  which is therefore also the whole universe.”(p. 528). Also, “…the suffering Christ-Man, is succeeded in our days by the triumphant Christ-Spirit.” (p. 525).

“It is only in a theocratic society having the character of Freemasonry that we will one day be able to reunite Islam and Christendom, Jews and Buddhists, Europe and Asia in the same ideal and intense hope. It is, in a nutshell, up to Freemasonry to form the universal church.” (Pignatelle, Batailles Maçonniques, p. 29).

And the Bulletin du Grand Orient declares:

Masonry wants to be the super-church, the church that will unite them all.”(n ° 37, Politics and Masonry). Roca adds:

What Christianity wants to build … is a universal worship in which all cults will be encompassed.” (Glorieux Centenaire, p. 77).

And the Masonic review, Le Symbolisme, writes in turn:

“We aspire to act as an intermediary between us and God. It is therefore likely that the religion of the future will make each faithful his own priest …. If so, initiation will become the great religious school and symbolism will help thinkers to discover the truth that hides in the depths of the human spirit ”(Le Symbolisme, February 1959).

Brother Riandey, specifies:

“The future world will create something new after having assimilated Christianity and other forms of spirituality and will perhaps give birth, by analogy with the physical phenomenon of total collectivization, to a kind of pantheism in which all current thoughts will be melted, amalgamated, all re-energized together towards still inconceivable objectives ”(Le Temple, Sept.-Oct. 1946).

Roca announces:

There will be a new religion; there will be a new dogma; there will be ritual; there will be a new priesthood whose relationship with the falling Church will be exactly what the relationship of the Catholic Church was with the Mosaic Church, her late mother ”(End of the Old World, p. 373).

“Faith disappears before science which must illuminate everything … We will not stop the movement; science is the queen of the world, because it is God himself, in humanity.” (Glorieux Centenaire, pp. 21 and 79).

“The duty of everyone at this hour is to promote the evolution that the Papacy must make in order to put itself in harmony with the new Spirit of the World and the rational sciences.” (End of the Old World, p.130).

The World Spiritualist Congress declared in Brussels in 1946:

“There exists above the various religions a universal church composed of all dogmatically free believers who unite their convictions relating to the existence of a Supreme Being, to a future life, to the immortality of the soul as well as the duty of human love proclaimed as the first of all by churches and religions. ”

What then becomes of Heaven? Roca replies:

“The impersonal and divine reign of Truth in Liberty, of Justice in Equality, of the Social Economy in Fraternity, which is the sacred trinomial of evangelical synarchy ”(Glorieux Centenaire, p. 20.)

In The End of the Old World (p. 36), Roca continues:

“The religious, political and social Redeemer will reign over Humanity through impersonal institutions”.

Hence the establishment of democracy in the political field, public limited companies in the economic field, unions in the social field and in the religious field, the Collegiality of Bishops, which makes them serve as anonymous and all-powerful committees, which bind them and prevent them from acting with the legitimate authority that is proper as successors of the Apostles. This Collegiality, of which one could say that the first manifestation, on Good Friday, was the panicked fear of the Apostles who fled and dispersed while their chief, saint

Peter, denied the Master three times. In short, the reign of Lucifer.

And Roca announced the “conversion” of a pope to the new spirit of the world after the Ecumenical Council – which he had also announced – and which would have brought the Church back to the simplicity of the apostolic golden age:

“The old Papacy will break the silence at the hour when the entirely evangelical work of this glorious palingenesis (rebirth) will be completed. Then, turning around in his sepulcher, Peter will verify the oracle of Christ. He ‘will confirm his brothers’, that is to say all Christian peoples in the new ways into which their Redeemer made them enter before him. He will dedicate modern civilisation; he will proclaim her the daughter of the Church, heir to the Sunday promises and the true spirit of the parables.

“Pronouncing its own downfall, the Roman papacy will declare Urbi et Orbi that having completed its mission and its role of initiator, it dissolves in its old form, to leave the field open to the higher operations of the new Pontificate of the New Church and of the new Priesthood that he will canonically install himself before exhaling the last breath … “

“As soon as it becomes visible to all that the new order logically emerges from the old order … the old woman, the papacy and the old priesthood will abdicate willingly before the pontificate and before the priests of the future2 who will be those of the past, converted and transfigured, with a view to the organization of the Planet in the light of the Gospel.

And this new church, although it might not be able to keep anything of Scholastic doctrine and the original form of the former Church, will nevertheless receive consecration and canon jurisdiction from Rome. 

“It is necessary that the release takes place and that the Law of evolution resumes its divine course in the cycle opened by the Holy Gospel in the footsteps of the new Humanity. The Synarchy is suitable to operate this general revolution.” (Glorieux Centenaire, pp. 462 to 469).

And the Pope he wants at the head of the Ecumenical Council is: “Not a Pontiff of faith or of pistis (?) but a Pontiff of Gnosis or of esoteric science.” (Le Socialisme Chrétien, July 5, 1891). And Roca continues

“Something will emerge that will make the world amazing and throw the world on its knees before its Redeemer. This thing will be the demonstration of the perfect agreement between the ideal of modern civilization and the ideal of Christ and His Gospel. This will be the consecration of the New Social Order and the solemn Baptism of modern civilization.” (End of the Old World, p. 282).

“The Vatican convert will not, according to Christ, have to reveal a new teaching to his brothers. He will not have not to push Christendom or the full world towards paths other than the paths followed by the peoples under the Secret inspiration of the Spirit, but simply to confirm them in this modern civilization. The Pontiff will be content to confirm and glorify the work of the Spirit of Christ or of the Christ-Spirit in the public mind and, thanks to the privilege of his personal infallibility, he will canonically declare Urbi et Orbi that contemporary civilization is the legitimate daughter of the holy gospel of social redemption.” (Glorieux Centenaire, p. 111).

Now, this is the peril; some – and not the least – would like to extend the Pontifical Infallibility to all acts of the Pope. On June 29, 1970, was the following statement not heard in the Vatican?

“The relationship of the faithful with Christ has in Peter his minister, his interpreter, his guarantor. All must obey what he orders, if they want to be associated with the new economy of the Gospel.” (Abbot Rayssignier, Open Letter to the Pope, dated June 30, 1970). {{I am unable to find any information on Fr Rayssignier}}

Which is a formal heresy, in absolute opposition to the definition of the 1st Vatican Council. Roca took care to declare at the International Spiritualist Congress held in the Grand-Orient of France, in September 1889: “My Christ is not that of the Vatican.” (Papus, The Veil of ISIS, n ° 130, 1893).

We suspected it a little; it’s Lucifer’s, it’s Lucifer himself! He does not hide it since he had declared elsewhere that the Christ-Man is that of the Kabbalah. (End of the Old World, p. 12.). Now, the eighteenth dogma of the Kabbalah proclaims: “Demon is deus universus.” (The Demon is the universal god.)

And he concludes:

“I affirm that we are approaching the final closure of the old religious, political and economic order, and I announce the forthcoming opening of an absolutely new cycle from all points of view, in the Church, in the State , in the family, in all circles of human activity. ”(Glorieux Centenaire, p. 13).



  1. He also alludes to the alleged secret teachings of Our Lord … as quoted by P. Virion, Mystère d’Iniquité, p.20.
  2. Roca designates the new priests under the name of “Progressives” (Glorious Centenary, p. 447) and advocates the suppression of the soutane (Christ, the Pope and Democracy, pp. 105-107) as well as the marriage of priests (Id., P. 103) and in a novel written for this purpose, L’Abbé Gabriel et sa fiancée. He also announces the unions of priests.z (Glorious Centenary, p. 452).

Marquis de la Franquerie on Synarchy: Part 1

taken from Pontifical Infallibility, the Syllabus, the Condemnation of Modernism and the Current Crisis of the Church


“We will penetrate to the very heart of this Pontifical Court from which nothing in the world will be able to chase us, until we have destroyed the power of the Pope. ”

17th Session of the Zionist Congress in Basel, 1897

Thus, God had given to the world – in addition to His grace, which never fails – the light enabling it to ensure its salvation. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, successively Pius VI, in his Allocution on the Martyrdom of Louis XVI; Gregory XVI, in all his teachings; Pius IX, in the Encyclical, Quanta Cura, followed by the first Syllabus; Leo XIII, in his admirable Encyclicals and in particular in Humanum Genus; Saint Pius X, in the Encyclical Pascendi, followed by the second Syllabus and in the Condemnation of “Sillon”; Pius XI, in his Encyclicals Divini Redemptoris on the inherently perverse communism and in Mit Brennender Sorge on Nazism; Pius XII, of holy memory, in the Encyclical Humani Generis and in its luminous Instructions of 31 May and 2 November 1954 to all the bishops of the world, had shown the peril and indicated the remedies.

Confirming the Pontifical Teachings, eminent prelates, such as Our Lords Delassus, Meurin and Jouin, of courageous and lucid historians like Léon de Poncins, Pierre Virion and Maurice Pinay, have proved the reality of the Luciferian Plan of domination of the Counter-Church over the world, that, for their part, the henchmen of Satan – because they considered themselves already as victorious – no longer feared to reveal little by little in their declarations and their writings1 – such as Stanislas de Guaïta, the ex-abbot Roca, Saint-Yves d’Alveydre, etc … and the Synarchy. All of this is confirmed by the “Protocols of the Sages of Zion ”, stolen at the end of the last century.2

Because we did not want to follow the Pontifical Teachings or believe the theologians and historians who denounced danger, the Church is currently going through the most serious crisis in its history.

To understand the causes, it is necessary to recall the plan of the Luciferian Occult Power and the Instructions and secrets of the Sects that fell into the hands of the Holy See and that Pius IX had published by Crétineau-Joly.3

Already, in the 18th Century, the chief of the Illuminati, the Jew Weishaup writes:

“Freemasons must exercise empire over men of all states, of all nations, of all religions, to dominate them without any external constraint, to keep them united by lasting bonds, to inspire them all with the same spirit, breathe the same spirit everywhere, in the greatest silence and with all possible activity, direct all men on earth for the same purpose. It is in the privacy of Secret Societies that you must know how to influence opinion.4

Maurice Talmeyr, in his pamphlet How we Form Opinion, describes the maneuver and its terrible effectiveness: 

“When men are ostensibly from a sect or from a school, when they recognize themselves to be one, “opinion” is warned against their esprit de corps, it is on guard. But men whom nothing shows are united between them, who do not themselves know if they are, but who think and judge the same about everything, these men achieve precisely what it is a question of achieving, that is, a consensus. An artificial consensus, a manufactured consensus, but which seems spontaneous and which impresses strongly.”

Weishaupt gives the slogan: make Christians believe that it is Our Lord Jesus Christ who was the great inventor of the Masonic trinomial: Freedom, Equality, Fraternity – that it was the very doctrine taught by Him, understood of course in the sense of the Sects.

“Our Doctrine,” he said, “is that divine doctrine as Jesus Christ taught His disciples, that which He gave them but developed the true meaning in his secret speeches5 … He taught all mankind how to come to the delivery … No one has opened up to freedom such sure paths as our Great Jesus of Nazareth … “

From Florence, on August 5, 1806, Simonini exposed to Abbé Barruel the Plan of the Occult Power, which one of his high dignitaries entrusted to him; the Abbot immediately communicated it to Pope Pius VII, who replied that he believed in its authenticity. Let us quote some main passages:

“ #4  That in our Italy alone, they had as supporters more than eight hundred ecclesiastics, both secular and regular, among whom many parish priests, public professors, prelates, a few bishops and a few cardinals, whom they did not did not despair of soon having a pope from their party;

“ #5  That similarly in Spain, they had a large number of partisans even among the clergy …

” #6 That the Bourbon Family was the greatest enemy, that in a few years they hoped to annihilate it …”

Shortly afterwards, the Heads of Haute-Vente (This appears to refer to the Alta Vendita) were to resume the fight with the same methods by inculcating in Christians that “Christianism is an essentially democratic doctrine” and by seducing them by equalitarianism and humanitarianism. A standing secret instruction, dated 1819, states:

“There is a thought that has always preoccupied men who aspire to universal regeneration: it is thought of the liberation (?) of Italy, from which must leave, on a determined day, the liberation (?) of the entire world: the fraternal republic and the harmony of humanity. But there is an obstacle, it is the Church, and this obstacle is formidable.”

Our final goal is that of Voltaire and that of the French Revolution, the annihilation of everything from Catholicism and even from the Christian idea…”

Then, the directives are given: to speak “without end on the dangers of fanaticism, on the happiness of social equality and on the great principles of religious freedom, against intolerance and persecution” and they conclude: “The law of social progress is here and all here; don’t bother to look elsewhere … “

And even :

What we must ask above all, what we must seek and expect, as the Jews await the Messiah, is a Pope according to our needs…and with this, to break the rock on which God built His Church, we have the little finger of the successor of Peter engaged in the plot, and this little finger is valid for this crusade all Urban IIs and all Saint Bernard of Christendom ”.

“We have no doubts about reaching this supreme end of our efforts, but how? The unknown does not emerge Again. Nevertheless, as nothing should differ us from the tracked plan, on the contrary, everything must tend toward it…, we want to give the Supreme Selling agents some advice … “

These tips are truly Luciferian:

“Crush the enemy whoever he may be; crush the powerful by means of lies and calumnies; but especially crush him in the egg. It is to the youth we must go, it is that which we must seduce; it is that which we must bring under the banner of the secret societies. In order to advance by steps, calculated but sure, in that perilous way, two things are of the first necessity. You ought have the air of being simple as doves, but you must be prudent as the serpent. Your fathers, your children, your wives themselves, ought always be ignorant of the secret which you carry in your bosoms. If it pleases you, in order the better to deceive the inquisitorial eye, to go often to confession, you are, as by right authorised, to preserve the most absolute silence regarding these things. You know that the least revelation, that the slightest indication escaped from you in the tribunal of penance, or elsewhere, can bring on great calamities, and that the sentence of death is already pronounced upon the revealer, whether voluntary or involuntary.

“Now then, in order to secure to us a Pope in the manner required, it is necessary to fashion for that Pope a generation worthy of the reign of which we dream. Leave on one side old age and middle life, go to the youth, and, if possible, even to infancy. Never speak in their presence a word of impiety or impurity, Maxima debetur puero reverentia. Never forget these words of the poet for they will preserve you from licences which it is absolutely essential to guard against for the good of the cause. In order to reap profit at the home of each family, in order to give yourself the right of asylum at the domestic hearth, you ought to present yourself with all the appearance of a man grave and moral. Once your reputation is established in the colleges, in the gymnasiums, in the universities, and in the seminaries-once that you shall have captivated the confidence of professors and students, so act that those who are principally engaged in the ecclesiastical state should love to seek your conversation…..

“That reputation will open the way for our doctrines to pass to the bosoms of the young clergy, and go even to the depths of convents. In a few years the young clergy will have, by the force of events, invaded all the functions. They will govern, administer, and judge. They will form the council of the Sovereign. They will be called upon to choose the Pontiff who will reign; and that Pontiff, like the greater part of his contemporaries, will be necessarily imbued with the Italian and humanitarian principles which we are about to put in circulation. It is a little grain of mustard which we place in the earth, but the sun of justice will develop it even to be a great power; and you will see one day what a rich harvest that little seed will produce …

“Seek out the Pope of whom we give the portrait. You wish to establish the reign of the elect upon the throne of the prostitute of Babylon? Let the clergy march under your banner in the belief always that they march under the banner of the Apostolic Keys. You wish to cause the last vestige of tyranny and of oppression to disappear? Lay your nets like Simon Barjona. Lay them in the depths of sacristies, seminaries, and convents, rather than in the depths of the sea, and if you will precipitate nothing you will give yourself a draught of fishes more miraculous than his. The fisher of fishes will become a fisher of men. You will bring your-selves as friends around the Apostolic Chair. You will have fished up a Revolution in Tiara and Cope, marching with Cross and banner-a Revolution which it will need but to be spurred on a little to put the four quarters of the world on fire.”

The full text, in French, can be found here:

Footnotes: (as found in original)

  1. One may wonder whether the following facts do not fall within the scope of the calculated revelations: the July / September 1969 issue of Charivari: “Sects and Secret Societies in France today”, coinciding with the launch of the film: “The Virgins of Satan” – white magic against black magic – coming after the discovery – unwanted this one – of the dossier of Jamaa, which touches on the question of Luciferian relations with men through incubi and succubi … Etc … As well as certain publications from Lafont (collection with black covers and gold titles), of ” I read it ”, of the “Pocket Book”, and also the publications “Nostradamus” and “Le Grand Albert”, etc …
  2. Obviously, the Occult Power would not have made the mistake of making known such a document, which should remain secret. Faced with this unexpected revelation, he tried everything to make the Catholics themselves deny its authenticity …Our Lord recently confirmed its authenticity in his revelations to the nun of Mexico.
  3. All the following quotes concerning Haute-Vente are taken from his work, L’Eglise Romaine en face de the revolution. See also our brochure, The Judeo-Masonic Plan against the Church, published in 1927.
  4. Original writings of the Order and the Sect of the Illuminated, 1787, Munich by the printer of the Court, quoted by BARRUEL in his Memoirs to serve the history of Jacobinism (New edition in 1974. Diffusion de la Pensée Française Editors). In the citations of the documents that follow, it is we who have put the most important passages in Roman characters.
  5.  You have heard of Our Lord’s “secret speeches”. This is how these people write history!

Traditionis Custodes shows how much Freemasons hate the Mass 

NOTE: this article has been updated. It was formerly titled, “TC shows how much Synarchists hate the Mass”. However, since “Synarchy” is not in common usage, the title has been changed to reflect that fact.

It’s fairly clear by now that most of the actions of Pope Bergoglio reflect the dreams and aspirations of his New World Order handlers, aka the Masons and Synarchists. In case you missed my first article on Synarchy, this title refers to those members of the cult which is behind the One World Government and the Great Reset, aka the globalist technocrats who momentarily have the world in the palm of their grubby little hands.

Thus with his new Motu Proprio, Bergoglio has shown us that this particular expression of the Holy Sacrifice, the so-called “extraordinary form”, presents a huge obstacle to the New World Order. Now this is quite strange when we think about the numbers and the nature of Latin Mass communities: they are not the most numerous of Catholic parishes since the Latin Mass is not the most common form of Catholic worship. Members are often either younger or much older than would make effective anti-globalist activists but somehow Tradition still poses a threat to the globalists and to their ascent to domination. Why is that?

My previous article on Synarchy mentioned five hallmarks and aims of that sect, as given by Bishop Gruber in his book, Athanasius and the Church of our Time. Those five features of Synarchy are key to understanding its influence on the Church over the last one hundred years and they are evident in the Pope’s new plan for ridding the Church of the Traditional Latin Mass. 

This article will look at the Motu Proprio, Traditionis Custodes, in the light of the marks and stated aims of Synarchy and will examine how the suppression of the Mass leads the Church closer to those goals.

The appeal to esotericism

The word “esotericism” derives from the Greek esotéros, meaning “that which is within”, and can have slightly different meanings depending on context, but essentially it indicates the pursuit of “hidden knowledge” or of “the divine” or of the “inner church” that is apparently to be found within each of us. 

Esotericism was historically part of Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism and Masonry and these days is closely aligned with the New Age movement. Its popularity underscores the reality that man is made to worship and if the One True God is not being worshipped as He intends, then will arise perverse forms of worship,  and the substitution of God of revelation for the chimera of the “god” within.

Esoteric religions often include a series of initiation ceremonies and this is usually portrayed as part of the journey toward “illumination”. As the Church tells us, “Salvation, in this context, coincides with a discovery of the Self.” Enneagram, anyone?

The danger of such an approach is immediately obvious: with no objective truth to guide the gullible soul, she becomes open to every kind of spiritual illness and even to direct demonic influence. [It is no coincidence that Synarchists believe they are guided by the wisdom of highly-evolved and enlightened beings. Some Synarchists literally call this collective guide, “Legion.”.] Under the guise of looking for a deeper or “truer” meaning of Christianity, the soul is led invariably to a distortion or denial of the truth.

Since esotericism is the basis of the Synarchists’ spirituality, every attempt is made by them to reject religious expression that promotes: objective truth; a God Who has definitively revealed Himself along with His moral code; personal sin and the need for Redemption. The Traditional Mass, with its continual focus on sacrifice and the need for atonement, expresses all of this in one inviolable package. Pope Pius XII reminds us that through the Mass and the sacraments, Christ is “constantly atoning for the sins of mankind, constantly consecrating it to God.” 

So why should men and women who are capable of finding all they need “within” have any need for a priesthood making ritual atonement for their sins? The Latin Mass is a silver bullet to the Esotericists’ narcissistic spirituality: hence it must be destroyed.

The revolt against the structures of the ChurchSynarchy cannot establish itself without the overturning of all existing structures in society – from governments to the economy down to the family unit. Included in this restructuring is the hierarchy of the Church, and this push to restructure it can be seen in the many calls for the promotion of the laity, particularly women, in the name of “good governance” or even “child protection”. However, that kind of restructuring represents an inversion of the hierarchy given to us by God for the good order of society. 

The Mass, and especially the Latin Mass, embodies the hierarchy planned by God: that of a male leader, the Pope, acting as God’s regent and overseeing a male episcopate, which in turn oversees a male priesthood, which offers sacrifice on behalf of all the people with the assistance of male laymen. Without the example of the hierarchy willed by God as evident in the Latin Mass, men and women are seduced into joining the disordered, humanistic hierarchy being promoted by the New World Order – the “hierarchy of the equal”, where ambitious women jostle for power with men, where the ill-equipped are routinely promoted based solely on quotas and politics rather than on merit, and where children – inexperienced by definition – are encouraged to give advice to adults.

Even the traditional design of a Catholic church’s sanctuary was meant to point to God’s hierarchy, as well as to underscore belief in the Real Presence and the sacrificial nature of the Mass. When the Novus Ordo Missae dispensed with the high altar, replacing it with a Protestant-like table to be presided over by a priest who faced the congregation, the Church’s hierarchical structure was reoriented. An equalisation appeared to have taken place: the priesthood – and therefore Christ Himself – was de-elevated to the same status as the laity. Women began to buzz around the altar, “helping” Father in a shameful parody of a kitchen with too many cooks. In this way, the faithful were given the erroneous idea that the Mass is nothing more than a community meal. The well-documented decline in the Real Presence among Catholics worldwide shows that the adoption of tables in Novus Ordo parishes has assisted with this heresy no end.

In his book, The Catholic Sanctuary, Michael Davies quotes Msgr. Gamber who succinctly drew the connection between belief in the Real Presence and the traditional sanctuary, as used in the traditional Latin Mass:

“A real change in the contemporary perception of the purpose of the Mass and the Eucharist will occur only when the table altars are removed and the Mass is again celebrated at the high Altar; when the purpose of the Mass is seen again as an act of Adoration and glorification of God and of offering thanks for His blessings, for our salvation and for the promise of heavenly life to come, and as the mystical reenactment of the Lord’s sacrifice on the cross.”

Msgr Klaus Gamber

So by contrast, rejecting the use of the High Altar by abolishing the Old Mass, will ensure that the true nature and purpose of the Mass will, for the most part, remain obscured. This suits the Synarchists and Modernists and their focus on works,  their abhorrence of the supernatural, and their hatred of God’s hierarchy.


One of the greatest areas of concern to Synarchists is the Catholic Church’s claim to being the True Ark, outside of which there is no salvation. 

While ecumania is widespread throughout most parts of the Post-Conciliar Church, eg here, here and here, it is almost non-existent within Traditionalist circles. The idea of a lowest-common-denominator Christianity is simply incompatible with the idea of an exclusive Church with exclusive sacraments available only to properly initiated and disposed members. Similarly, the practice of honouring Protestant or even non-Christian leaders with the same respect as should be shown to Catholic clerics does not occur in traditional parishes. By suppressing or eliminating Latin Mass parishes, Synarchists can further dilute Catholicism through the expansion of ecumenism.  

True Catholics know – and the world also believes – that our worship is central to our Faith. Ask any outsider to describe Catholicism and they are sure to mention the Mass. Show an atheist images of various forms of worship from a multitude of religions and they are sure to identify a Mass as belonging to Catholics – in fact, they just might convert when they witness a Latin Mass.

Progressives may find some utility in grabbing a Catholic or Christian motif, such as a dove or praying hands, to include in their propaganda campaigns, but since the Latin Mass forms a complete and inviolable unit, it must be either desacralised or discarded by them. The Post-Conciliar Modernists have all but succeeded in desacralising the Mass, both through the Novus Ordo itself and especially through its widespread abuses, but they have never been able to destroy the Old Mass. Even if there was no supernatural power behind the Mass, the integrity of the Latin Mass’ ritual would still pose a threat to the Synarchists who have set out to form a One-World religion by dismantling all the others.

The glorification of Christ by a new humanity

It is a common strategy of evil-minded reformers to insinuate themselves into an institution and empty its words and doctrines of meaning, in order to reshape it according to their own ends. This is exactly the tactic that has been employed by the Synarchist proponents of The Great Reset, since the start of the manufactured COVID crisis. They have changed our lexicon to redefine “health” and “safety”, “charity” and the “common good” to push for a reshaping not only of our economic and governmental structures, but also of our social ones. In fact, they have made no attempt at hiding their desire for a global engineered society, presented in the guise of a more human and just world. At the same time, we have seen a rewriting of history that elevates politically correct actors and reduces truly heroic and virtuous figures to dust.

This has a close parallel with movements seen within the Church over the last century, the currents of which made their way into the Second Vatican Council and have since become part of the post-conciliar narrative, as exemplified by Bergoglio’s papacy. This includes the fabrication that the Church ignored the poor until the 1960’s; that She exists only to keep the masses in servitude, that the directives handed on to us by the Magisterium are the product of “clericalism” and not of God. Here again we have seen “charity” redefined to mean silence in the face of immorality, and a secular form of “humanism” has replaced our former struggle toward holiness. 

The journey towards a “new humanism” is in total accord with the precepts of evolution, and was promulgated by the heretics Teilhard de Chardin, Yves Congar, Henri de Lubac and Jacques Maritain.

It is linked to the idea of esotericism, as man is encouraged to look within himself for the source of revelation in order to construct the “new humanity” which will, according to its proponents, (finally) worship God in spirit and in truth. 

Synarchists, (and as Pope Leo XIII reminds us, Naturalists and Freemasons) reject the idea of Original Sin, so their vision of the cosmos, according to intellects deceived by sin, is that man is naturally good and becomes corrupted by earthly influences. They abhor the Latin Mass because as a ritual, it is so obviously theocentric; they prefer something anthropocentric and vaguely “spiritual”, something mystical but aimed at their selfish pursuit of hidden knowledge.

This “New Humanism” with its “New Christ” – the God who lowered HImself to our level in order to help us remain there, has no need for tradition. And as Fr Richard Cipolla wrote, it is the Mass that is at the very heart of our tradition.

” … central to the act of faith is not a written creed. It is the worship of the God who loved us so much that he sent his Son to die for us on the cross for our sins and who rose again on the third day to make life everlasting life possible for us.”

This notion offends the Modernist spirit, with its roots in the Existentialist philosophy of continuous development, novelty and change. As Fr Bourmaud explains, for the Modernist, tradition is not conservatism but is “reference” and “creativity.” Some Modernists go so far as to say that attachment to what they see as the mere “externals” of the traditional Mass is a form of idolatry.

Seen in this light, the Mass of the Ages makes a mockery of the New Humanism since it shows forth the unchanging nature of God and His relationship to us. It is like the Creation story opposed to the fable of evolution, the “ex nihilo” compared to the laborious ascent from slime to humanity. And the Mass is splendour and beauty and truth for all men, regardless of wealth, social standing, even morality – as all may attend the Mass and are encouraged to do so. 

The inversion of all the truths taught by Christ.

The preceding has shown that every major tenet of Synarchy involves a rejection and inversion of some truth handed onto us from Jesus Christ and that the Mass of Pius V instead substantiates those truths.

If Modernism is the synthesis of all heresies, then Synarchy is the synthesis of all heresies AND the synthesis of every effort to deny objective reality. Those Luciferian devotees teach that gender is fluid and may be changed: God through His right worship shows us that men and women are different and immutable, equal in dignity but not in purpose, part of a hierarchical structure that exists for the good of society.

Synarchy teaches that God is found within, whereas the Mass teaches that God’s Truth must come to us from without, by observation and by formal teaching, but also shows us that paradoxically He can exist within us through our consumption of transubstantiated Bread, and can impart to us a supernatural gift each time we receive Holy Communion.

The technocrats try to tell us that only with their help, their ideas and their expertise can the world be transformed into a Utopia where all men are equal and where injustice is stamped out by a rod of iron and a jackboot. The Mass shows us that an earthly Utopia is impossible as all men are sinners and will continue to sin until the end of the world, but more than that: the Mass gives us a foretaste of heaven, our true home and it is this reality that shows most clearly the folly of their schemes and plans – the earthly paradise they offer pales into comparison with everlasting peace and happiness, with the eternal bliss of the next life, with that astounding life of perfect friendship with God and His saints that awaits the faithful in heaven.

They fear the Mass, for the way it catechises the faithful as well as those without faith, for its consonance with the truth, and above all, because of the intrinsic power of the Mass itself. As St Peter Julian Eymard tells us (emphasis added)

“…the altar is now the perpetual triumph and glory of our Saviour’s love. The Mass is the perfect adoration of God by the Sovereign Priest, Jesus Christ; the infinite thanksgiving expressed by the Divine Lamb. All the graces of the Redemption flow from this mystical cross...”

St Peter Julian Eymard, “The Holy Eucharist”

Do we fully understand that? All the graces of the Redemption.

That is why the Masons, Modernists and Synarchists hate the Mass and that is why it had to be stopped. And that is precisely why they will never achieve their goal.

Mary, Destroyer of all Heresies

Posted at Katholisches.info in 2017 and translated by dodgy online software:

(Rome) Last December 11th, Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider, one of the most remarkable and outstanding bishops of the Catholic Church, gave a lecture in Seville, Spain. The theme was: “Maria, vencedora de todas las herejias” (Mary, conqueror of all heresies). 

The Blessed Pope Pius IX had the Mother of God in his bull Singulari Quadam Perfusi of 9 December in 1854 as “Virgo Beatissima, quae interemit ac perdidit universas haeresas” means: “Blessed Mary, destroyer of all heresies.” The day after the dogma of the Immaculate Conception was proclaimed, Pius IX gathered. , again to its particular task to meet all the cardinals and bishops who came to Rome for the occasion to “strengthen brothers in faith” that, and provided them with Singulari Quadam, an authentic interpretation of the pronounced Marie dogma.

In his lecture, Bishop Schneider spoke primarily about Freemasonry and its work with a view to their anniversary. Several commemorations will take place in 2017. In the German-speaking area, with some media outlay, the view of Martin Luther’s “500 years of Reformation” is narrowed. This obscures other events of historical importance. These include two major events that began 100 years ago. There is the October Bolshevik Revolution in Russia with the spread of communism, which today still controls a fifth of the world’s population. And on the other hand, the apparitions of the Virgin Mary shortly before that in Fatima, Portugal,

However, in 2017 there is still a major event on the agenda. 300 years ago, in 1717, the first grand lodge was founded in London, to which all Freemasonry refers. So 2017 is indeed a “memorable” year.

Bishop Schneider is best known for promoting the regaining of sacredness in the Holy Liturgy and reverence for the Most Holy Eucharist. He published several writings on the subject of communion. In it he advocates the worthy reception of communion and recommends kneeling communion on the mouth, as Pope Benedict XVI. reintroduced in the papal masses. Because of the special attention paid to Holy Communion, Bishop Schneider is one of the staunch defenders of the sacrament of marriage and penance. For the Synod of Bishops on the Family, he published a publication with 100 questions and answers, with which the efforts of a new doctrine were rejected, to admit remarried divorced persons to the sacraments.

In Seville, Bishop Schneider spoke about the secret society of Freemasonry, which in 2017 can look back on 300 years of turbulent and obscure existence and its revolutionary and subversive endeavors. Bishop Schneider called Freemasonry, which has largely shied the light of day since its foundation, as the “instrument of Satan”.

In his remarks, the Auxiliary Bishop of Astana recalled Saint Maximilian Kolbe and his descriptions of the aggressive behavior of the Freemasons in Rome during the First World War. In 1917, in the middle of the war, the Freemasons in Rome celebrated their 200th anniversary. The Freemasons had openly declared war on the Church. They had covered Rome with posters and demonstratively pulled the black flag of Giordano Bruno to the Vatican. On the posters and the flags “a representation of the Archangel Michael was to be seen, who lay defeated on the ground in front of the triumphant Lucifer,” said Bishop Schneider.

Because of these experiences resolved the young Maximilian Kolbe, who was then at the Gregoriana studied theology, the creation of the Militia Immaculatae (Knighthood of the Immaculate) to “confront the actions of Lucifer”.

According to Bishop Schneider, the aim of Freemasonry is “to eliminate all teaching about God, especially Catholic teaching”. To achieve this goal, Freemasonry has made use of “numerous societies” since it was founded. “They want the dissolution of morality” for a very specific reason. They are in fact convinced of the principle that “one cannot defeat catholicity with logical arguments without corrupting morality”. Masonic action based on this principle is currently “very topical” again, according to the auxiliary bishop from Kazakhstan.

“Undoubtedly, however, the Immaculate Virgin Mary will in the end trample the greatest heresy of all time: the heresy of the Antichrist,” said the auxiliary bishop.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is the son of Black Sea Germans. His family had been deported with more than a million Russian Germans under Stalin to Siberia and Central Asia, which is why Schneider was born in Tokmok, Kyrgyzstan in 1961. In 1973 the family was allowed to move to the Federal Republic of Germany, where he grew up and in 1982 he entered to the Order of Canon Regulars of the Holy Cross. Saint Anthony of Padua belonged to this order before he joined Saint Francis of Assisi. Schneider has been providing pastoral care in Kazakhstan since 2001. In 2006 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Titular Bishop. As such, he was initially auxiliary bishop of the Karaganda diocese. Since 2011 he has been auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Astana.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana

Mea Culpa

I must apologise for not spending very much time here lately. My research time has been reduced to NIL as I have had to deal with a pressing project [of the putting-food-on-the-table variety.] I do miss my book and my notes and those late nights spent delving into the world of synarchy.

Hopefully I can be back on track soon and who knows? Maybe the angels will deign to help me publish my book by its original due date: October 13.

God bless.

Francis Imposes the Freemason’s Mass

There was a time when the average Catholic in the pews could be forgiven for not knowing the provenance of the New Mass – that its chief architect was an Ecclesiastical Freemason by the name of Archbishop Annibale Bugnini. For those of us brought up on a diet of quasi-universalism, the “New Springtime” and popular apparitions such as Medjugorje, there was no other Mass than the Novus Ordo and “Tradition” meant nothing more than a dim memory of Grandma having fish on Fridays.

Those days of naivety passed away, however, as knowledge of Bugnini’s secret affiliation and of the extent of the devastation Paul VI’s revolution became mainstream. (Well, almost. There are some who maintain that there is no evidence while also admitting that Bugnini may have been something worse than a Mason – I’ll leave it to the reader to speculate as to what something worse could be. That infamous scene from Windswept House springs to mind.)

The fruits of Vatican II have been revealed in all their awful reality – if not before the “pandemic” then certainly since the Mass was first suppressed more than a year ago due to COVID restrictions.

The Novus Ordo was a failure, Vatican II was a disaster and the logical hermeneutic of continuity exists not in the context of novelty, but of Tradition.

These facts explain the gut-wrenching reaction experienced by so many in response to the pope’s Motu Proprio, Traditionis Custodes. Yes, the same pope who hates formality, scorns “clericalism” and always seeks to “accompany” people “in their concrete circumstances” (at least when it comes to immorality) has used his unique position to abolish the Latin Mass, deliberately ignoring the “concrete circumstances” of the largest remaining cohort of believing, practising Catholics and also greatly insulting the Holy Trinity.

Some have already attempted to play down the consequences of the Motu Proprio – the Rorate Caeli article, while a bold attempt at legalistically applying Traditionis, is in my opinion, only grasping at straws. The Pope knows exactly what he wants to achieve and will take all steps necessary to see that his wishes are carried out. This pontiff who despises legalism and the constraints of dogma will not be so lax when it comes to suppressing the Mass of the ages and the thriving parishes around which they revolve. As Professor Brian McCall says, the law is always to be interpreted “according to the mind of the legislator”. This means our own pious desires don’t have a leg to stand on against a man like Francis.

Francis, while claiming to be imitating the act of his predecessor, Pope Pius V, who abolished any form of the Mass that was less than two hundred years old is performing a diabolical version of that act. If he really was to imitate Pius V by his pronouncement, it is the Novus Ordo that would be abolished as it is less than a hundred years old and was impiously designed, as noted above.

It seems clear that very little wiggle-room is to be given to those diocesan priests who run Latin Mass parishes: unless they have a sympathetic bishop – which are few and far between – they will have to look for new premises in which to offer Mass. Those bi-rite priests, who may be at the first steps on the path of Tradition will need to be very strong in order to resist the approaching “Oath of Allegiance” to Vatican II. I suspect that some will now go “full-trad” when they realise the malice underlying the pope’s plans.

I do also wonder if there is another stage – waiting perhaps for a future, unworthy pope – in which the Novus Ordo will be reformed so as to make it invalid. A little tweaking of the words of consecration, perhaps, to which the newly-conscripted “loyal” priests will be forced to adhere.

In any case, this present insult to God will not remain unpunished: as we saw almost directly after the flagrant violation of the First Commandment during the Amazon Synod, God’s justice can be swift. The global “pandemic” which saw millions of faithful denied access to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the sacraments followed immediately after Francis’ Pachamama worship was nothing other than a consequence of the hierarchy’s idolatry, in accordance with God’s promises made in Scripture (eg 2 Chronicles 21.) With the Great Reset technocrats already predicting a global cyber attack, it is not beyond imagining that this will be the next “plague” to strike the earth.

Many have made the connection between Fatima and Our Lady of Mt Carmel, on whose feast day the pope released his Motu Proprio. There are quite a few connections, in fact: for example, during the Miracle of the Sun, the little seers saw Our lady clothed in the habit of Carmel, reminding us of the importance of wearing the brown Scapular. It is surely no coincidence that the 104th anniversary of that miracle was celebrated only a few days prior to the release of the Motu Proprio.

We must not lose hope, no matter what happens next. The prophet Elias for whom the Carmelites are named, is said to have had a vision of a foot in the raincloud that ended the great drought God had sent on the land. Tradition tells us that this foot belonged to Our Lady – the Woman through Whom God would incarnate His only Son. In our own time, we know that God is preparing for another great intervention: when Our Lady crushes the head of the serpent through her glorious Triumph.

Ecclesiastical Masonry in Liberia

In his book, Vigilant Catholic, David Dionisi details unresolved scandals among the hierarchy in Liberia and claims that top Churchmen are members of a local variant of Freemasonry known as The Poro.

Dionisi worked as a missionary in Liberia for many years and helped to break the news of the sexual abuse of seminarians by an two prelates, Archbishop Lewis Zeigler and Bishop Andrew Karnley. He claims that sex abuse is “a weapon” used by secret societies to pressure good priests into leaving the Church. Homosexuals are routinely ordained and promoted while those men who are faithful to the Magisterium are often passed over, denied medical care or may even become the victims of false accusations.

Local secret societies based in witchcraft, such as Liberia’s Poro, have always existed in Africa, but there is evidence that Freemasons gained control of The Poro more than a hundred years ago. Traditional rituals of passage for boys still continue: these include invocations of demons, sex magic and sodomy. Girls are initiated into a corresponding group known as Sande, and also experience physical and sexual abuse during the rituals. Sometimes the rituals are so harsh that the children do not survive and members are bound under a code of silence similar to Freemasonry’s prohibition on revealing its secrets. Some members began to speak out when accusations of abuse became public, verifying details of the rituals that had up until then been completely shrouded in secrecy.

Shockingly, some Catholic associations have adopted similar initiations and as well as the code of extreme secrecy. The founder of one group has also been accused of covering up the sexual abuse of minors and is a close friend of the sexually-abusive bishops mentioned above. David Dionisi names sixteen Catholic priests and prelates whom he believes to be members of the Poro sect; some of the group are said to belong to more than one secret society.

One of this group, a priest by the name of Fr Gareth Jenkins groomed numerous boys, allowing many to sleep at his home. Those boys who accepted his sexual advances were allowed to later enter the seminary, whereas those who rejected Fr Jenkins were stopped from becoming priests.

The code of silence has led to the widespread failure to act against the predatory bishops and appeals to the Nuncio fell on deaf ears. This is hardly surprising, though, as Dionisi claims a former nuncio, Archbishop George Antonysamy was part of the homosexual network in Liberia. The current nuncio, Bishop Borwah, is named on the list of Poro society members, and told Dionisi that Pope Francis personally put a stop to an investigation of the Liberian Church.

A former priest-turned-whistleblower, Fr Gabriel Sawyer, wrote a seventeen page testimony which has many similarities to Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s explosive 2018 expose. Like Archbishop Vigano, Fr Sawyer was forced into hiding after receiving death threats. He claims he married his life-long friend in order to escape from the persecution. This fits a pattern that has occurred in other parts of Africa, eg Cameroon, where a bishop was assassinated for refusing to cave in to a homosexual priest cabal in 2017. The Liberian prelates unsurprisingly denied the allegations and pointed to the priest’s marriage as an indication of his lack of credibility, despite his having corroborating testimony from five other priests and laymen. Fr Sawyer’s case reached the Vatican in June of 2019 but despite two years having passed, there has been no public investigation or statement made on the case.

In a further attempt to launch an investigation into the multiple allegations of abuse, David Dionisi met with Cardinal Sean O’Malley in the United States in 2019. After hearing the testimony of this credible witness and refusing to speak via Skype with a senior Liberian priest, O’Malley dismissed him, saying: “At my level, I do not deal with individual cases, I establish best practices.”

Those words would have been of little comfort to those children who were denied access to medical care or funding for their education when David Dionisi’s outreach was suspended or worse, became victims of sexual abuse.

On a continent where corruption is rampant, it is no surprise that Freemasonry should also be very prominent. Its melding with witchcraft also explains how the syncretism which plagues the Catholic Church in Africa has come to be so entrenched. The case also highlights the fact that Pope Francis routinely rejects his own protocols for clerical sex abuse allegations, as laid out in the Motu Proprio, Vos Estis Lux Mundi.

Catholics should have little hope that Pope Francis is sincere about conquering this scourge which has wounded many thousands of children and adults and has decimated the Church. It is time to acknowledge that there exists in the Church a loyalty that surpasses that of thieves and sodomites: it is the blood-tie of Ecclesiastical Masonry.

Synarchy: missing link to the New World Order’s rise

Dr Rudolf Graber, Bishop of Regensburg from 1962 to 1981, revolutionised my understanding of the New World Order and the Church’s part in its establishment. Like many Catholics who acknowledge the role of Masonry in society’s destabilisation, there seemed to be a disconnect between modern feel-good Freemasonry and the historical, militant secret societies that plotted revolutions and the destruction of the Holy Catholic Church.

It did not sit well with me, as it does not sit well with many others, to dismiss modern Masonry as a harmless pursuit, a mere shadow of its former self, perhaps – or worse, as an organisation that never intended any harm at all.

It was Bishop Graber’s book, Athanasius and the Church of our Time ( a free copy, translated via online software is available here) that provided the clue I had been looking for, the missing link, if you will. His Excellency’s book introduced me to the concept of synarchy, and it is this particular offshoot of Masonry that led the world to its current state: that of a soft totalitarianism governed by unelected technocrats.

To be quite honest, I have only this moment finished reading the good Bishop’s book, although I was introduced to it years ago. While pursuing my research on the Conciliar Church’s Hermeneutic of Rupture, Athanasius and the Church of Our Time was cited in footnote after footnote of insightful, traditionalist books. In his very slim volume, Bishop Graber picks up all the threads and pulls them tightly into an intelligent argument, explaining how synarchy grew out of Masonry and other secret societies but always had the stated goal of “a centralized world state with a centralized government planned as an anti-Church.” This is obviously a little different from Masonry’s stated goal of destroying the Church, but here we can see the genesis of plans for an ape of the Church to be built on the hollowed-out edifice of Catholicism.

According to Bishop Graber, the ex-Canon Roca, an excommunicated priest who lived in the 19th century, and whose Masonic ideas are frequently quoted in exposés of the Church’s infiltration, was a devotee of the “divine synarchy.” Roca foresaw a revolution in the Catholic Church, sparked by an ecumenical council, with a “new” dogma”, “new” ritual, and a “new” priesthood.

This plan was also laid out in a 1907 book by the Abbé Melinge, writing under the pseudonym, Dr Alta. Alta gave five key items on an agenda to remake the Church in a diabolical image:

* the appeal to esotericism

* the revolt against the structures of the Church

* the replacement of the Roman papacy by a “pluri-confessional” pontificate able to adapt to a polyvalent ecumenism such as we are seeing established today in the inter-celebration of priests and Protestant pastors

* the glorification of Christ by a new humanity

* the inversion of all the truths taught by Christ.

from Athanasius and the Church of Our Time

It is quite easy to see, in fact, heartbreakingly so, how far the Masons and synarchists have progressed in their plan to create an anti-Church. Add the current threats to the Traditional Latin Mass to the already-witnessed idolatry and syncretism in the Vatican, “synodality,” inversion of truths such as Communion for adulterers and tolerance of homosexuality, and the “New Humanism” of the post-conciliar horizontal Church and it looks as though there is only a little way to go before the Church is unrecognisable. [Humanly speaking, that is. Of course, Jesus Himself was barely recognisable thanks to the tortures He received during His Passion.]

Of particular interest to me – and therefore, I assume, also to you, my dear readers – Bishop Graber also mentions an Italian novel written in 1905, in which some characters discuss the formation of a Catholic Freemasonry. The book was once on the Index and appears to be available only in the original language. In this book, the chief protagonist gathers together a select group of clergy and laity who want to see change in the Church but without an outright rebellion. The speaker recommends that this be achieved by introducing heretical ideas into the minds of the faithful, who will then pressure the hierarchy to implement the changes that they – the hierarchy – had wanted from the start. He also advised against any formal relations among members of this Catholic Freemasonry, to make it more difficult for them to be traced. Was this novel based in fact? I will leave that to you to decide. But just consider this: the heretical proponent of Catholic Masonry suggested that “ideas are stronger than men” and that it may take them fifty years to see their plans come to fruition. That was written in 1905 and fifty years later, the Council of Rupture was opened by John XXIII.

I plan to write more on the topic of synarchy as it has become obvious that this is integral to my book on Ecclesiastical Freemasonry.

In the meantime, please do avail yourself of a free version of Athanasius and the Church of Our Time.