Papal Encyclicals go Arty

If there was a prize for inane events, it would have to go to the Vatican.

Take the latest offering: an exhibition at the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale – touted as “an internationally renowned event that showcases both classical and modern artwork from around the world.”  

The Vatican’s exhibition is titled “Social friendship: meeting in the garden” and is meant to represent Benedictine simplicity. Included in this display of ‘simplicity” are these juvenile wooden sculptures, made by the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza. Perhaps the poor fellow was ‘simple-minded” and someone felt sorry for him.

Perhaps the wooden blocks are Jenga pieces and the whole thing it is a statement about evolution and how mankind randomly fell together from a jumble of DNA. (Like these Jenga pieces ending up as humanoids – get it?)

The Dicastery for Culture and Education tells us that the exhibition is “a way of celebrating the ten years of Pope Francis’ pontificate and the dialogue he has established with the world.” I’m glad there’s something to celebrate after this decade of apostasy overseen by Francis the Destroyer.

A sycophantic Cardinal from the Dicastery spouted some Bergoglio-esque drivel about the papacy: Cardinal Mendoca:

We want to see how some of the main ideas of this pontificate can be key to a dialogue with contemporary architecture and converge in a vision that takes the risk of imagining a different future.

The Cardinal explains that Laudato si’ and Fratelli Tutti:

” … help us not only to make a critical, precise and sincere diagnosis of the present, but also challenge us to raise our gaze, rediscovering the capacity to dream with determination of the prophecy of a better world.

Why does this example from the exhibition …….

…. remind me of this?

And why do both of those images give me the feeling that Francis’ “better” One-World-Government-One-World-Religion world is something along the lines of THIS???

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