This woman think she is a priest.

According to her website, “Fr” Anne offers a range of “sacraments” including confession – but not Mass apparently. No doubt she does, but even demons have limits on what they are allowed to say in public.

Unsurprisingly, along with her other work, she supports LGBTIQ+ persons. Poor deluded woman.

At least she doesn’t identify as a man. And I s’pose we should be grateful that she wears clerics, which is more than most Jesuits are doing these days. Speaking of Jesuits, Anne is a fan of Ignatian spirituality and has run a Jesuit parish as a pastoral assistant.

Susan one day. Fr Anne the next.

The reverence. The decorum. The gravitas.
Anne at her “ordination”.

Here’s what Anne says about her sacrilegious vocation: “The exclusion of women from the priesthood is rooted in an unjust law propped up by sexist theology. It’s really that simple.  There is ever-increasing historical, archeological, theological and scriptural evidence that supports the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. After many long years of discernment, struggle, sacrifice and prayer, I had to finally obey God’s ask of me. Though some interpret my ordination as a sign of disrespect for the institutional Church, it is actually a great act of love for the Church I adore.

Anne is involved with the wacky Women’s Ordination Conference. They seem to think that if they just keep nagging, God will let them be ordained – or at least that the bishops will let them. Here one suggestion from their website. It’s all very inclusive, and note that the Jesuits are singled out as being amenable to their requests:

There’s much more on their website, and it’s all rather tedious. Not the kind of thing any of us want to spend much time on.

EXCEPT that women like these are gaining influence in the Church and have the ability, as we saw at the recent Plenary Council, to throw a tantrum and gain a lot of sympathy and attention. Not to mention that they have bullied the bishops into rewriting the Australian lectionary in inclusive language. Which just might have been their goal all along.

Once they have that, a few of those new preaching positions, and a female diaconate, there will be no holding them back and “Fr. Anne’s” might start popping up all over the place. Lord have mercy.

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