Occult symbols in the Jubilee 2025 logo?

Readers have perhaps come across the logo selected by the Pope for the Vatican’s 2025 Jubilee “year of hope”. Like most artwork coming out of Rome these days, there’s nothing remotely Catholic about it, and like many of those ecclesial projects which should be prayerfully and solemnly thought out, the logo was the result of a competition which was open to anyone at all.

Some say it reminds them of Happy Hour at a gay bar, which is perhaps unsurprising as its creator is a gay masseuse. After being contacted by a Vatican official, who told him he had won, the creator uttered an ambiguous compliment about the prelate, saying that he had “felt the human closeness of Monsignor Fisichella.”

Very disappointed in the result and its use of LGBTI rainbow colours, one Catholic art historian remarked: “The Vatican presents its emblem of hope as a badge of ‘pride.’ And pride comes before a fall.”

The artist apparently had no clear idea in mind for his artwork but believes that is no impediment to its influence: “I think my work will have a great effect, I hope so but I really believe it because I have never given it a connection, a single label, I have never framed it. In a basic concept, I left it open to everyone and gave it to the world.

Fr Z shared the little gem (at right) on his website. Note the similarity with the logo’s colours? Proof that the logo will please the entire spectrum of toddlers from ages two to three.

A friend of mine has a somewhat different take of the logo, however. He is someone with an interest in occult symbology and is experienced at ‘seeing through’ what most of us overlook or simply take for granted. He believes that the emblem represents a sinister agenda being played out at the Vatican, one that mocks faithful Catholics by hiding in plain sight:

The logo is coded numerically and by colours, and the elements and colours are quite common in New Age art.

One of their favourite wiccan/masonic occult codes is what they call “functions of four”, “four cubed” being a prime example. 4 coloured heads x 4 coloured bodies x 4 symbol (the pagan equal-armed cross) = 4x4x4 = 4 cubed = 64.

4 cubed: the number of the goddess, Mother Earth, Satan in a skirt.

The colours blue, green, yellow, red represent earth, air, fire and water, that is, the pagan elements of Mother Earth, alchemy and magic(k). (For more on magick, see here: “Magick, Liber ABA, Book 4 is widely considered to be the magnum opus of 20th-century occultist Aleister Crowley.”)

They love the equal-armed cross – it’s an old pagan symbol. I see the gay theme as secondary to the numerology and maybe the colours. This logo is, numerologically and by colours, above all a tribute to Mother Earth, alchemy and magick, with of course a gay twist as you have identified.

Fiona Foley (the indigenous artist whose occult-inspired works were used in the Brisbane Cathedral) would have loved this.

Little wonder Pachamama Papa Francis wants people to know he personally chose this design.

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