Handing out the Eucharist like Bratwurst.

Those Germans really are outdoing themselves in Making Heresy Great Again at their Katholikentag (“Catholics Day”) event.

“Catholics Day” is organized by the local diocese together with the Central Committee of German Catholics, a lay organization supported by the German bishops’ conference. According to the Catholic News Agency, at least one Protestant and one Muslim, both politicians, received Holy Communion – one straight from from the hands of German bishop Georg Bätzing.

At least in Victoria, the Archbishop has started hiding his Eucharistic indiscretions by ensuring livestreams no longer show communicants at the funerals of celebrities. Case in point: while Bert Newton’s funeral received much attention due to the reception of Communion by apostate pro-abort, Daniel Andrews, Archbishop Comensoli learned his lesson by the time Kimberly Kitching’s funeral came around. Very convenient that the cameras were pointed away while Bill Shorten’s protestant wife received Holy Communion…

The Bishop’s spokesman later said that although there is “not yet full church Communion between the Protestant and Catholic churches and therefore no general communion. A Protestant Christian who has examined himself, shares the faith in the presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist, and comes to the Lord’s Table may receive Holy Communion on a case-by-case basis.”

Not sure that’s in my version of the Bible. Here’s what mine says: Therefore whosoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord. (I Cor 11:27)

Organisers had previously stopped a pro-life group from having a stall at the event because they were  “unable to determine that their organization was clearly Christian.”

Apparently this Bishop is notorious for his heterodox views on intercommunion and has been chastised by the CDF in the past. Undeterred, he has pressed on regardless, although one wonders if he has noticed any good fruits from his little experiment. The CNA article tells us that its German counterpart reports “Despite the controversies, a survey showed that most Catholics are not interested in the event. Attendance numbers are dwindling … “

Here a tweet by someone favourable to intercommunion. I guess they just don’t know what they don’t know.

(English translation: Signs of ecumenism… The President of the German Evangelical Church Congress 2023 in Nuremberg, Thomas de #Maizière , also received communion at the #Katholikentag closing service from Bishop Bätzing. “Just do it” is sometimes said. #kt22)

The Marx brothers being synodal.

The image at left was taken from the Katholikentag Twitter account. The English translation: “Cardinal #Marx criticizes “convoluted” church language – also in #Vatikan . For example, with the no from Rome to the blessing of homosexual couples in 2021: That was “not only theologically poor, but also wrong in the language”, says Marx: “You really put your mind to it!”

Main image credit: Marijan Murat

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