Perth Cathedral: “vaccine” – yes; Rosary – no.

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe of Perth has gone one step further than promoting the abortion-tainted gene serum: he has taken to supplying it through his Cathedral. So far, St Mary’s Cathedral has hosted two COVID-jab weekends; the last took place on January 8th and 9th.

Costelloe also said he has no objections to opening God’s house to the COVID cult any old time its high priests deem that necessary. The high priests – doctors from Royal Perth Hospital, the Western Australian Police Commissioner and the Vaccine Commander, Commissioner Christopher Dawson – encouraged His Grace to open his doors so that Perth’s Catholics can “stay safe” while they are fulfilling their Sunday obligation.

Staff from the Royal Perth hospital, getting ready to jab Catholics at the Cathedral. How do these people sleep at night?

“It’s an act of love”, the Freemason-friendly Archbishop Costelloe told media last year. “It’s for the common good.” Sure, if “common” means “everyone is doing it” and “good” means keeping the abortion industry in business.

“Abortion?” I hear you say. “But Archbishop Costelloe has assured us that these innoculations have nothing to do with abortion!” He has? Then His Grace is being somewhat untruthful.

There is some part of the community that is concerned that because the very early days of the development of the early discoveries which later led to the vaccines, there was some involvement of cells derived from aborted children. And of course, the Catholic Church’s position on abortion is very clear. …… [but it is licit] because of the remote nature of the origins of it and of the need to have it for the common good.

Archbishop Timothy Costelloe, PERTH CATHOLIC, Dec ’21.

Wow. Look at that attempt to distance the vex from abortion: “the early days of the development of the early discoveries which later led to the vaccines.” That certainly is something of a stretch.

Despite that obfuscation from His Grace, we know that Pfizer and Moderna used HEK cells at each stage of development. We also know that these Big Pharma companies lie – so they will only under-report the use of fetal cells, not over-report.

So, it hardly needs to be restated here that these experimental “vaccines” constitute proximate complicity with the grave evil of abortion, and not remote complicity, as the Archbishop would have us believe. The use of cells harvested from innocent children (sometimes while still alive) is not, as Costelloe suggests, confined to only one step in the drug’s development process way back in the dim, dark past.

As Children of God for Life remind us, “our obligation is to effectively oppose the use of aborted children in biomedical research” – not to go about jabbing initiates of the COVID cult.

The Cathedral’s Fr Fernandez getting his shot.
Does this……
… remind you of this?
….. or even of this??

Now, all of this is bad enough. But our Archbishop went above and beyond his usual pattern of ignoring Catholicism and embracing the world: he banned a group of faithful Catholics from praying outside the Cathedral while the jab clinic was open. (See the Facebook live video here – commentary begins around the 18 mins mark.)

According to the reporter, Cathedral security told the Rosary group, who had gathered to pray for the Church, that their prayers were considered a “protest.” The group were told that unless they stopped praying outside the building, the police would be called to move them on.

Imagine that: a Catholic Archdiocese would call police to move on Catholics who were praying. Unbelievable.

Strangely – and this really is odd: the Catholic group were given the alternative of praying inside the Cathedral grounds. So prayer inside the building is edifying while prayer outside the building is “protest”?

Apparently “conscience” is all well and good when it lines up with the right narrative. Should one’s conscience somehow not be invoked if it makes one oppose a prelate’s error? Then again, it wasn’t that long ago that Costelloe was throwing a Catholic school principal under the bus for refusing to get jabbed, so that tells us all we need to know about the post-conciliar canard of “conscience.”

Perhaps the only consolation in all of this is that the jabs weren’t given in the body of the church – so now the Cathedral parish centre can add “depopulation campaign” to the myriad occupations hosted there.

All smiles. But who foots the bill when a parishioner ends up with myocarditis? Or worse?

In an earlier article, I drew attention to the incongruence of many Catholics being only too willing to accept an invasive medical treatment at the behest of the Church, yet dismissing Church teaching on issues as important as birth control, because “celibate-men-have-no-right-to-tell-me-what-to-do” and, well, because babies are simply too much work. It’s that elastic “conscience” at work again.

Speaking of babies, we’ve all heard about “Safeguarding Children” and “Protecting The Most Vulnerable”. In fact, that’s about all we’ve heard from the Church for the past ten years – apart from the plethora of cultural Marxist talking points.

So now that the Western Australian government is pushing COVID-jabs on the 5-11-year-olds, will the clinic at St. Mary’s Cathedral soon be injecting children? If so, the Archbishop might want to get that Rosary group back to pray for him, pronto: when the children’s bodies start piling up, their parents are going to be far more vocal than those of the tiny little donor of HEK-293.

8 thoughts on “Perth Cathedral: “vaccine” – yes; Rosary – no.

  1. My 70 year old husband and myself were actually escorted off the premises by police.
    When my husband went to walk into the church the doors were shut and blocked by 3 security guards and the police came to tell us we were banned from the premises it was private property.
    We were discriminated as the only couple to be escorted off.
    We have written to the dean and Archbishop but they have ignored us.
    Praying the rosary under the tree was deemed as cause to escort us off by police.
    If our shepherds are against us God help us!


  2. As I mentioned before, one of his first actions after appointment was to ban the Record from advertising pro-life
    ‘How-To-Vote information, the day before an election, thus preventing us from making other arrangements. I didn’t know at that stage how bad things would get.
    On another subject, the most well known murder victim in the world doesn’t even have a name, so how about this: It has been stated that baby No 293 was delivered alive by Caesarian section and her kidneys removed without the use of anaesthetic while her heart was still beating – to get the best possible specimen, then left to die. Now that was murder by any measure. She was not graced with a name, so how about fixing that. The letters 2,9,3 spell “Bic”, which is not much of a name, but it reminds us of a pen, so how about a name like “Penny” for the victim whose remains are being carried around by millions of people? Jesus voluntarily gave us His body and blood before his crucifixion. Penny was not given the choice, but surely she is with the Lord in Heaven now.
    I heard recently that only fully vaccinated people would be allowed into the Cathedral, so that locks most of us out. I wonder what the Blessed Mother thinks of that!


    1. Wow. I didn’t know he banned the pro-life how-to-vote, Eric. That is despicable.
      “Penny” is a good name for the poor child; who ever would have thought such a thing was possible or that it has become routine?
      Send me anything official you have on segregation – I had a look but couldn’t find anything when McGowan changed the rules. At least we know how this will end, even if it’s years away: The Woman will triumph!


      1. I don’t have anything on segregation, but to clarify or confirm the matter of pro-life ads, before I was asked to re-form the DLP, many of us stood for election with the Christian Democratic Party (CDP), which later became AC. Both the DLP and CDP advertised in the Record for one or two elections, until Archbishop Hickey retired. When the next election was coming up, I had prepared my artwork and worked with the editor to get the format right, when I got a call to say that the new archbishop had cancelled any HTV advertising in the Record, even though it was pro-life and paid for by the parties. This can be confirmed with senior AC members.


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