A Pachamama nativity scene in St Peter’s?

This article is republished from Libero Quatidiano (Google Translate has come to the rescue again!) It is a very interesting take on this year’s Vatican nativity scene.

Nostalgia. Once it was more fun: it was necessary to dig, carry out an exciting research, consult large books and experts … As in the days of the adventure of “Mary who unties knots”, HERE the cult spread by Bergoglio all over the world that we discovered has a worrying and unexpected magical-esoteric-Masonic background.

Also comes to mind the subtle alchemical connection of his “San José dormido”, HERE , or the engaging and laborious research on his pectoral cross with the Good Shepherd of the Rosicrucian Freemasons HERE

which His Excellency replaced, just a week later, with an Orthodox cross. Let alone a Catholic. As well as – always to the Rosicrucians – we discovered that the dew inexplicably inserted in the new missal belonged HERE .

Now, however, everything is becoming too easy, too obvious. There is no more taste. In 15 seconds flat we found, without fail, the new anti – Catholic catch of the Vatican “crib” whose inauguration is scheduled for this afternoon in St. Peter’s Square. Vatican News explains: “ The Nativity that will be set up for Christmas comes from the village of Chopcca in the Andes. It will be made up of more than 30 pieces and created by five famous artists from Huancavelica … ”.

Immediate Google search: “Chopcca-Pachamama”. Tàc . Here, read with us HERE on page. 198 the volume “ Los Chopcca de Huancavelica” , published by the Ministry of Culture of Peru: “In spite of the intense pastoral work of both Christian doctrines – Catholic and Evangelical – THE PRECRISTIAN CHOPUCHE RITUAL PRACTICES HAVE NOT BEEN UNRADICATED. Dependent on the forces of nature, it REMAINS among the villagers the conception of the world presided over by Apus or Wamanis, SPIRITS who live on the hills, and by the PACHAMAMA , entities which are EXPLICITLY MENTIONED IN THEIR RITUALS.The Apus major in the area, Qaparina and Cobremina, are the highest hills in the region, to which homage is paid with ceremonies and rites during the feasts of the production cycle. In herranza or Santiago, pagapu is performed, a ritual in which offerings are made to the god Apu or to PACHAMAMA for the protection of their animals. Similar rituals are performed during planting, harvesting and other activities that require the help and protection of the Andean deities. It is remarkable that the PRINCIPAL CULTURAL VICTIM of evangelical preaching (Protestant ed) were not the celebrations of the production cycle, where much of the Andean worldview is persecuted by Catholicism since the colonial era, BUT PRECISELY CATHOLIC RELIGIOUS FESTIVALS “.

So, while last year you enjoyed the horrifying esoteric-Masonic conciliar ceramic nativity scene of Castelli HERE (what an injustice for the Abruzzo town HERE ) with the horned warrior with a skull on his forehead HERE (typical Christmas character, right?) year touches the PACHAMAMIC CRIB , a tribute to the last population in the world that holds with tooth and nail this bloody pagan cult to which baby llamas are sacrificed and, it is said, once upon a time, also human sacrifices. In fact, out of about 20 animals present, there are at least EIGHT LAMAS in procession.

With all the villages in the world from which a nativity scene could be borrowed, it was necessary to choose Chopcca, where, moreover, Catholic feasts were defeated by Protestantism, leaving room for pagan divinities. Nothing else?

To find out more, read our interview with anthropologist Antonino Colajanni and Bolivian historian Damiàn Galeron HERE

Now, in spite of the Jesuit smokes on “inculturation”, know that the Pachamama is, in terms of form and religious content, the PERFECT ANTI-MADONNA . Nothing justifies continuing to promote its ancient cult, given that in South America, it has been largely supplanted, and for centuries, by the venerable Virgin of Guadalupe.

Now, if Mary is considered by believers to be the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin, the “all-beautiful”, the Woman clothed with the sun, wrapped in a starry mantle, She who welcomes the Word into her womb and who spreads spiritual graces to men of good will, if Our Lady gave birth to the Savior who sacrificed himself for men, Pachamama is, on the contrary, the pagan goddess of the Earth, naked, angular, gaunt, hungry, who demands cruel animal sacrifices (and perhaps once human) to provide material goods in exchange: crops and crops. Some say she would also be pregnant with the Antichrist, but we don’t go that far even though, after all, religious syncretism is a “technically” antichristic process. The definition is in fact given by St. John: it is Anti-Christ who does not recognize Jesus as the son of God. And if in syncretism all religions must be equal, obviously, goodnight to the divinity of Jesus, with all the annexes and connected. Do you understand? Elementary logic.

With all respect for the Andean religions, the iconography of Pachamama and his cult therefore constitute, in fact, a macroscopic reversal of the figure of Mary , to whom on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, on 8 December, Bergoglio has just dedicated a basket of white roses (perhaps costing 50 euros?) left there, on the balustrade of the monument in Piazza di Spagna, in the dark of a gloomy and lonely dawn. The excuse was “to avoid the gatherings”, which nevertheless did not seem to worry Bergoglio a couple of days earlier in Cyprus and Greece, given the swarms of crowds. An alternating current Covid, therefore.

In short, a distressing repetitiveness. They are letting go, they no longer even try to disguise a behavior perfectly consistent with the well-known program: the Marian cult, together with Transubstantiation, being primarily identities of Catholicism, must be removed, given that, as Bergoglio declared in La Stampa on March 13, 2021 HERE   ” We must not waste the crisis, but use it to build a New World Order” . If he says so, we can believe him.

In fact, for this Masonic project we need a new syncretistic religion that sends all the Catholic paraphernalia into the attic. A fascinating operation, but very risky given that, at least according to the “forecasts of the specialists”, from the prophet Daniel to Padre Pio, it should not end very well. In fact, as we have shown in 44 chapters of investigation (never denied) that you will find HERE at the bottom, there is already an unsolvable problem: Bergoglio is not the pope as Benedict XVI has never abdicated, so nothing he did. in eight years it is valid. We are therefore talking about hot air.

By the way, if you want to hear the real pope on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, feast your ears and – for those who are believers – your soul, with this luminous intervention by the Holy Father Benedict on December 8, 2012. HERE

“The voice of God – the Pope teaches – is not perceived by remaining on the surface, but by descending to a deeper level where the forces that act are not the economic and political ones, but the moral and spiritual ones. It is there that Mary invites us to go down to be in tune with God’s action ”.

(Other than sacrifices of baby llamas). This appeal by Benedict XVI is striking, just over two months after his retirement in the impeded seat, remaining pope hidden under the non-existent papacy emeritus.

And in fact, to understand his ” Plan B”, one must exactly renounce (at least inwardly) one’s material interests , position income, Bergoglian flattery, 8 x 1000 … One must descend into silence, where pure and disinterested intelligence acts logic, that of the Logos , the Incarnate Word. Only with concentration, the spirit of truth and reason will it be possible to understand the question by attuning to the action of the Vicar of Christ.

And we do not consider it accidental that, as the reader Anna Maria Conti tells us, the true Holy Father, just yesterday, wanted to appear in a photo holding a REAL CRIB.

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