Another Stasi Bishop in Queensland

Another Queensland bishop has come out in favour of the state government’s COVID tyranny, promising to help Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to stem another “wave” of the “pandemic” in any way possible. 

The bishop of Townsville, Timothy Harris, publicly shared the pastoral letter he had written in support of the globalist medical experiment. Apparently unaware of either the Australian Constitution’s prohibition on forced medical treatments or of the Nuremberg Declaration’s ban on human experimentation, the bishop has urged Catholics to submit to being inoculated with gene serum “out of love.”

The letter contains more than a few white lies, such as that the “disinformation about vaccines is decreasing vaccination rates and increasing deaths.” Wonder if he has any evidence to back up that one?

“We are running out of time before the wave of infection hits Queensland”, says he. Hmmm, it’s almost as if he received preternatural knowledge of the frightfully unscary new variant, Omicron.

With unfettered irony, Bishop Harris posted his letter to social media, noting that “social media is not a reliable source of information about vaccines.”

Well, he got that right.

A look at the bishop’s Twitter feed reveals a few of his interest …. Laudato Si …. Jesuitical arch-heretic Frank Brennan …. and many tweets critical of euthanasia legislation.

Now this says nothing in the bishop’s favour: it is something fairly common for most prelates these days. Their pre-occupation with euthanasia can be contrasted with their almost total silence on abortion. Maybe our ageing clerics believe assisted suicide constitutes a personal threat to their own wellbeing whereas abortion does not.

It’s difficult to stem the cynicism when anti-euthanasia comments are interspersed with pro-vaccine ones: pushing adherence to the tyrannical gene-serum regime is in effect pushing a form of assisted suicide. One wonders how the bishop feels about the need for VAD patients to be jabbed before their last goodbye?

At least it appears that he approves of rigidity.

As an aside, Bishop Harris happened to share an image which I hadn’t previously come across: it appears to show Pope Francis in front of an art installation in St Peter’s Square. I suspect that the artwork was created to represent the reforms achieved by the Pope over the last eight years.

No doubt the green tarp to the Pope’s rear represents the “inscrutable dream of the God of Surprises” or perhaps the “poetic mystery of the Synodal process”.

Back to Bishop Harris. The image below was taken from the Bishop’s Facebook page (where his entire Pastoral Letter can also be viewed.) The photograph was taken at the Queensland Law Year prayer service, where according to the bishop, “Key judges and magistrates and other members of the legal fraternity gather each year.”

The bishop’s hand gesture is quite intriguing. It looks remarkably like a common occult gesture related to Thelema Magick and which is used by world leaders such as Angela Merkel – but of course, that must be a coincidence.

Definitely a coincidence.

Speaking of coincidences, a victim of historical sexual abuse at the hands of a priest received an apology from this very bishop in June of this year – only THREE years after she first sought his help. That must be some kind of record.

Admittedly, the Townsville Diocese had covered up the priest’s abuse for a mere twenty years, a fact which Bishop Harris lied about to the complainant by saying that immediate action had been taken when the complaints started rolling in.

So although Bishop Harris was not responsible for the coverup (leaving the priest at his post to abuse 22 victims over two decades) he lied about when the Church first knew about the abuse. As icing on the cake, the archivist from the Diocese has stated that somewhere along the way, evidence of the case was destroyed.

However, we may be able to take some comfort from that apology. Judging by the Bishop’s track record, vaccine-injured Catholics (if, indeed, they are still alive by then) may expect an apology in around twenty years’ time. Just expect some lies and deception along the way.

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