JPII and his Christ-less Decalogue

My previous article looked at a few secularists who have taken it upon themselves to create a new code of ethics for mankind, meant to replace the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai more than three thousand years ago. It also mentioned one of the current Pontiff’s flights into fantasy when he rewrote the Commandments for a group of adoring fans in Rome.

The Ten Commandments, also known as the Decalogue, were of course, intended by God to be binding for all time. They are engraved into our hearts and are the guide by which we are meant to “know, love and serve God in this life” in order to one day be happy with Him in heaven.

While “Decalogue” literally means “ten words” – without any reference to their divine origin – the dictionary meaning always specifies The Ten Commandments as recorded in the book of Exodus. No dictionary I consulted listed any meaning other than that used by Christians. Thus, the name doesn’t apply to any old list of ten principles.

So it was with some surprise that I came across yet another novel “Decalogue” created with input from modern-day Pope: none other than John Paul II, who co-authored a “Decalogue of Assisi for Peace” in 2002. (This link will take you to the Vatican website, so you know it’s legit.)

Seeing the word “Assisi” always raises a red flag for traditionally-minded Catholics. That series of meetings with leaders from other faiths, held first by JPII then Benedict, was notorious for its open-slather ecumania and for the utter disdain shown by the reigning pope for his distinguished predecessors who warned of the dangers inherent in such an approach.

There were many incidents during the Assisi meetings that caused great scandal among believers, but perhaps nothing was worse than seeing a statue of Buddha being placed atop the tabernacle in St Peter Church at Assisi. (Images courtesy TFP except where otherwise cited.)

A small Buddha was placed on the Tabernacle at Assisi in 1986.
JPII reached out to some very committed heretics.
JPII & the Dalai Lama’s representative in 2001
(Photo by GABRIEL BOUYS/AFP via Getty Images)
Benedict continued the craze. This is from 2011.
A close-up of the Buddha statue.

The Assisi “Decalogue”, like the secular versions already mentioned on this site, focuses on achieving peace on earth. However, as Christians we know that an earthly Utopia is impossible without the entire world acknowledging the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ as Lord and King. In JPII’s ecumenical “decalogue”, references to Jesus Christ are not just thin on the ground, they are entirely absent.

So while the sentiments sound nice, (what sane person doesn’t want peace on earth, for crying out loud?) the entire project was obviously a complete waste of time. How is that “culture of dialogue” working out for you, Vatican II?


Perhaps the entire Modernist project will be abandoned when our prelates realise that the directives laid down by God are the best ones: the best for our souls and the best for the world.

But then, that assumes that the men who are driving the demolition of the Church are acting in good faith. And, given the Church’s widespread capitulation to the State, the attacks on the traditional liturgy, and a Pachamama-worshipping Pontiff, that is something one very much doubts.

Commandments for the Age of Aquarius

“New Commandments for a New Age” – it’s a craze that is sweeping the post-tradition landscape and everyone from the Technocrats to the Pope is coming up with their own novel rules for life.

In this article, I reported on the Pope’s “Nine Commandments” as presented to the World Movement of Populist Movements; they are suspiciously reminiscent of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Pharmaceutical companies should make patents for COVID “vaccines” freely available (SDG #3)
  • International credit institutions should cancel debt. (SDG #1 and #10)
  • Big resource corporations should stop polluting and stop destroying habitats. (SDG #7, 9, 13)
  • Food corporations should end monopolies and provide inexpensive food. (SDG #2)
  • Powerful nations should rely on global entities such as the UN for mediating conflict. (SDG #17)
  • Big tech corporations should censor “hate speech, fake news and conspiracy theories.” (SDG #11)
  • Arms manufacturers and dealers should completely stop arms production. (SDG #16)
  • Media corporations should provide digital education for the poor. (SDG #4)
  • The media should report in a moral fashion and protect those who are “most damaged.” (SDG #5)

But isn’t only Pope Francis who feels compelled to create a new set of Commandments to suit his Modernist agenda; the idea has been around in globalist circles for decades. Take the Earth Charter group for example. This was the brainchild of, among others, former Soviet chief Mikhail Gorbachev: a text of sixteen “commandments” was released in 1997 after years of discussion about how the world was to “develop sustainably.” Some influential names among the creators of the charter will no doubt be familiar to readers of this site, eg Steven Rockefeller and the Jesuit Liberation theologian Leonardo Boff.

Incidentally, the 1992 Rio Summit, which laid the groundwork for the Earth Charter “commandments”, led to the development of another set of modern-day “commandments” – the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. As mentioned above, Pope Francis’ new “commandments’ bear an uncanny resemblance to the SDG’s.

In 2001, the creators of the Earth Charter “commandments” went a step further and commissioned a sacrilegious version of the Ark of the Covenant, called the Ark of Hope. This humanist Ark was designed to hold the Earth Charter as well as something called the Temenos books, which are “a collection of prayers and affirmations for Earth.” Presumedly, the Temenos books are the equivalent of Sacred Scripture for the adherents of Gaia worship.

The Ark of Hope arriving in New York City in 2002.

Of special interest to those of us in Australia is the 2005 endorsement of the Earth Charter by the Federal government. At the time, the Senate stated that it:

  • Recognizes and supports the Earth Charter as an important civil society contribution to our understanding of sustainable development and the ethics and principles needed to promote a more just, sustainable and peaceful world;
  • Encourages the use of the Earth Charter by Federal and state educational authorities during the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

There has been no such endorsement of the Decalogue, however, with the government still struggling to present legislation that would provide consistent protections for religious freedom.

One of the most worrying aspects of all of these new codes of “ethics” is their focus on depopulation. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals may not specifically mention a population target but their focus on “universal access to sexual and reproductive health” is a well-known code for “kill all the babies.”

One wonders how seriously the Australian government intends to take the Earth Charter’s commitment to zero population growth and by what means that would be achieved.

The idea of rewriting God’s Commandments seems to have been a popular one around the turn of last century. In 1999, Klaus Schwab told Forbes magazine that he wanted to educate the world with a new set of ten commandments – “ethical guidelines that would guide everyone in getting along.”

Researchers at the World Economic Forum revisited the topic in 2017, when, ignoring the fact that the Decalogue came straight from the hands of God, they remarked that man has always attempted to create his own code of ethics. The writers opine that these “man-made” codes always have internal inconsistencies and suggest that the world needs a “new code of ethics for a Brave New World.”

Of course, their dream is to see an internationally binding set of rules: it seems lost on them that you can’t get more global than the Commandments set down by the Creator of all mankind.

No survey of secular Commandments would be complete without a look at the intriguing and highly disturbing Georgia Guidestones. These were erected in Georgia, USA, in 1979 and echo the environmentally-friendly sentiments of the globalists.

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

The site where they stand has become a popular haunt (pun intended) of occultists; the Stones’ commandments were even given a hearty endorsement by Yoko Ono, wife of the late John Lennon, of Imagine fame.

So what are we to make of all these attempts at rewriting God’s Commandments? Not much, except to say that it is a sign of the times; references to the Imago Dei are notably absent in all of the Modern “commandments.”

According to the globalist doctrine, man is reduced to a mere economic factor in the totalitarian formula of stakeholder capitalism. And it should come as no surprise to faithful Catholics to see the current Vicar of Globalism at the forefront of those efforts to concoct New Commandments for the New World Order.

Brisbane Archdiocese’s Two Minutes Hate video

Remember the Two Minutes Hate from Orwell’s 1984? It was a regular, designated time allotted to giving the unfortunate inhabitants of Oceania an outlet for their pent-up frustrations so that their resentment was never aimed at the real abuser: their tyrannical leader, Big Brother.

Well, this offering from the Archdiocese of Brisbane might not count as hate, per se, but one has to admit that their “Blooper” video shows nothing but contempt and disrespect for the Sacred Liturgy and makes one wonder if comedy is being used to disguise the priests’ personal resentment toward their own, holy vocation.

Under the watchful eye of the papolatrous Mark Coleridge, who isn’t exactly known for his love of doctrine or tradition, the Archdiocese has sunk to a new low with the release of the two-minute video showing bloopers and gaffs made by priests during their online homilies. The cringeworthy video, which – even more embarrassingly has become an annual offering – features priests laughing, lisping and mocking the serious business of forming their flocks.

What some might consider a light-hearted wrap-up to a tumultuous year, in reality exemplifies the disdain harboured by much of the clergy towards tradition as well as the modern ecclesial obsession on celebrity, a phenomenon which disastrously runs contrary to the virtue of humility.

Above and right: here is how traditional priests show their love for God and man by taking their vocations seriously.

These modernists priests seem to think it’s “all about them.” THEIR style, THEIR humour, THEIR performance. There’s no doubt that people make mistakes, sometimes humorous ones, when speaking publicly and privately, but that’s no reason to make a joke out of a sacred liturgical action.

A harmless joke is when an 8-year-old draws a picture of Pontius Pilate flying a plane, but it is not harmless or a joke when a grown man dressed in priestly garb plays up to the camera and is then showcased by the diocesan media team.

The video can be viewed here: A couple of screengrabs are shown below, but I do recommend watching it with the sound up for the whole experience. The captions are from the video – not added by yours truly.

The baphomet hand gesture makes a nice touch.

It might be all “Lights! Camera! Action!” when it comes to entertaining the masses that are being “accompanied” to hell, but each of these men will have to account for his “darkness and inaction” at the hour of his death.

Meanwhile, all those actual priests – those men who take their vocations seriously – don’t have time for this kind of nonsense. They’re far too busy hearing confessions for hours each week, or dropping everything to administer the Last Rites to a dying parishioner, or answering unjust admonitions from their Ordinaries or carefully crafting a solid sermon based on the writings of the saints and the Fathers of the Church.

Religious freedom: mixed messages and cross-purposes

“It’s not fair.”

That was the plaintive cry from the Victorian hierarchy when the mean old state government announced that it will be making Catholic schools hire gay teachers.

“We stood up for you”, the Archbishop could be imagined to lament. “We shut our churches, we halted the First Blessing and the Last Rites; we stopped sanitising souls and started sanitising hands, just because you told us to. Heck, we even beat you to it!”

But instead of being grateful, bad Catholic Dan Andrews went full steam ahead with his pet project. Well, maybe that was always going to be the result when the Church set the bar so low by limiting Her mission to promoting “a fair and just society in which pluralism is valued and respected.” Sounds nice, but it’s just not Catholic.

From the Syllabus of Errors:

#15. Every man is free to embrace and profess that religion, which, guided by the light of reason, he shall consider true.

Allocution “Maxima Quidem”, June 9, 1862; “Damnatio Multiplices Inter”, June 10, 1851.

Now, of course, for the bishops it is totally fine if they choose to allow gay teachers in their schools. (Likewise cohabiting or atheist or communist teachers.) But it’s a different matter entirely when the State compels a Catholic Education Department to stop exercising its autonomy, right?

It might seem virtuous to complain, but where exactly were you for the last few decades when parents despaired because their children were not adequately being taught the Faith?

And, as the pages of this website document, there wasn’t a peep from the Archdiocese when Dan Andrews tried to go full Nazi last month with his Pandemic powers. So this hullabaloo over restrictions on schools is not entirely consistent.

The schizophrenic state of affairs continues with an email from the chancellor to the Archdiocesan clergy, meant to apprise priests of the new laws and bills around religious freedom. The email includes links to several articles which are meant to provide reference material for the clergy.

One article is the Archbishop’s glowing appraisal of the Federal government’s religious freedom bill. That bill certainly does seem to offer some protections for Catholic schools, and may prove useful as it could override the state government’s proposals, which are clearly discriminatory (in the bad way.)

Another article is by ex-Labor MP and now Executive Director of the National Catholic Education Commission, Jacinta Collins, who thinks the proposed Federal bill will provide some necessary protections. So far, so good: with her strong pro-life record, at least she is somewhat Catholic.

For further suggested reading, the chancery includes an article from John Haldane, Professor of Philosophy of Education at the ACU Melbourne on the Victorian government’s new law. Professor Haldane rightly condemns the law, observing “the extent to which … it would curtail the operations of many religious institutions, including schools, to a point where they would struggle to continue,” and its “unwarranted restriction on the idea of the ethical.” Great. There should be more of this.

But then who else does the Archdiocese haul out to opine on the Federal bill? None other than Frank Brennan, the Jesuit arch-heretic who was so public in his support of gay marriage. And the best ammunition he can muster to support his position on the bill is the UN declaration on Human Rights!

Well, come to think of it, the choice of Brennan as apologist might be rather apt: he is the perfect role model for all those parents who like their schools “Catholic, but not too Catholic.”

(And remember that little ol’ Plenary Council? Brennan is a peritus. Just one more reason why it’s difficult to take the Plenary seriously.)

But back to the Archbishop’s lauding and lamentations – here’s a little free advice:

Anyone who is really serious about a “free and open society”, giving people a “fair go”, and avoiding “un-Australian” behaviour, would not be banning priests from attending Freedom rallies or implementing segregation in their parishes.

They would not be sacking priests for educating their parishioners about harmful and immoral “vaccines”.

They would be financially supporting Catholics who are out of work because of vaccine mandates. (Although that won’t happen here, as the Melbourne Archdiocese is broke.)

But in an Archdiocese where Catholic students can attend a formal with their gay partner, where a public sinner like Premier Daniel Andrews can receive Holy Communion at a celebrity funeral, where a Catholic college persecutes students who don’t follow their LGBTI agenda, and where the process of amalgamating parishes is being deceptively promoted as non-amalgamation, consistency is obviously not its strongpoint.

Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for the hierarchy to understand that for a Catholic school to merit the right to employ the staff of its choice, that school would have to actually be Catholic, in ethos and practise.

A Pachamama nativity scene in St Peter’s?

This article is republished from Libero Quatidiano (Google Translate has come to the rescue again!) It is a very interesting take on this year’s Vatican nativity scene.

Nostalgia. Once it was more fun: it was necessary to dig, carry out an exciting research, consult large books and experts … As in the days of the adventure of “Mary who unties knots”, HERE the cult spread by Bergoglio all over the world that we discovered has a worrying and unexpected magical-esoteric-Masonic background.

Also comes to mind the subtle alchemical connection of his “San José dormido”, HERE , or the engaging and laborious research on his pectoral cross with the Good Shepherd of the Rosicrucian Freemasons HERE

which His Excellency replaced, just a week later, with an Orthodox cross. Let alone a Catholic. As well as – always to the Rosicrucians – we discovered that the dew inexplicably inserted in the new missal belonged HERE .

Now, however, everything is becoming too easy, too obvious. There is no more taste. In 15 seconds flat we found, without fail, the new anti – Catholic catch of the Vatican “crib” whose inauguration is scheduled for this afternoon in St. Peter’s Square. Vatican News explains: “ The Nativity that will be set up for Christmas comes from the village of Chopcca in the Andes. It will be made up of more than 30 pieces and created by five famous artists from Huancavelica … ”.

Immediate Google search: “Chopcca-Pachamama”. Tàc . Here, read with us HERE on page. 198 the volume “ Los Chopcca de Huancavelica” , published by the Ministry of Culture of Peru: “In spite of the intense pastoral work of both Christian doctrines – Catholic and Evangelical – THE PRECRISTIAN CHOPUCHE RITUAL PRACTICES HAVE NOT BEEN UNRADICATED. Dependent on the forces of nature, it REMAINS among the villagers the conception of the world presided over by Apus or Wamanis, SPIRITS who live on the hills, and by the PACHAMAMA , entities which are EXPLICITLY MENTIONED IN THEIR RITUALS.The Apus major in the area, Qaparina and Cobremina, are the highest hills in the region, to which homage is paid with ceremonies and rites during the feasts of the production cycle. In herranza or Santiago, pagapu is performed, a ritual in which offerings are made to the god Apu or to PACHAMAMA for the protection of their animals. Similar rituals are performed during planting, harvesting and other activities that require the help and protection of the Andean deities. It is remarkable that the PRINCIPAL CULTURAL VICTIM of evangelical preaching (Protestant ed) were not the celebrations of the production cycle, where much of the Andean worldview is persecuted by Catholicism since the colonial era, BUT PRECISELY CATHOLIC RELIGIOUS FESTIVALS “.

So, while last year you enjoyed the horrifying esoteric-Masonic conciliar ceramic nativity scene of Castelli HERE (what an injustice for the Abruzzo town HERE ) with the horned warrior with a skull on his forehead HERE (typical Christmas character, right?) year touches the PACHAMAMIC CRIB , a tribute to the last population in the world that holds with tooth and nail this bloody pagan cult to which baby llamas are sacrificed and, it is said, once upon a time, also human sacrifices. In fact, out of about 20 animals present, there are at least EIGHT LAMAS in procession.

With all the villages in the world from which a nativity scene could be borrowed, it was necessary to choose Chopcca, where, moreover, Catholic feasts were defeated by Protestantism, leaving room for pagan divinities. Nothing else?

To find out more, read our interview with anthropologist Antonino Colajanni and Bolivian historian Damiàn Galeron HERE

Now, in spite of the Jesuit smokes on “inculturation”, know that the Pachamama is, in terms of form and religious content, the PERFECT ANTI-MADONNA . Nothing justifies continuing to promote its ancient cult, given that in South America, it has been largely supplanted, and for centuries, by the venerable Virgin of Guadalupe.

Now, if Mary is considered by believers to be the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin, the “all-beautiful”, the Woman clothed with the sun, wrapped in a starry mantle, She who welcomes the Word into her womb and who spreads spiritual graces to men of good will, if Our Lady gave birth to the Savior who sacrificed himself for men, Pachamama is, on the contrary, the pagan goddess of the Earth, naked, angular, gaunt, hungry, who demands cruel animal sacrifices (and perhaps once human) to provide material goods in exchange: crops and crops. Some say she would also be pregnant with the Antichrist, but we don’t go that far even though, after all, religious syncretism is a “technically” antichristic process. The definition is in fact given by St. John: it is Anti-Christ who does not recognize Jesus as the son of God. And if in syncretism all religions must be equal, obviously, goodnight to the divinity of Jesus, with all the annexes and connected. Do you understand? Elementary logic.

With all respect for the Andean religions, the iconography of Pachamama and his cult therefore constitute, in fact, a macroscopic reversal of the figure of Mary , to whom on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, on 8 December, Bergoglio has just dedicated a basket of white roses (perhaps costing 50 euros?) left there, on the balustrade of the monument in Piazza di Spagna, in the dark of a gloomy and lonely dawn. The excuse was “to avoid the gatherings”, which nevertheless did not seem to worry Bergoglio a couple of days earlier in Cyprus and Greece, given the swarms of crowds. An alternating current Covid, therefore.

In short, a distressing repetitiveness. They are letting go, they no longer even try to disguise a behavior perfectly consistent with the well-known program: the Marian cult, together with Transubstantiation, being primarily identities of Catholicism, must be removed, given that, as Bergoglio declared in La Stampa on March 13, 2021 HERE   ” We must not waste the crisis, but use it to build a New World Order” . If he says so, we can believe him.

In fact, for this Masonic project we need a new syncretistic religion that sends all the Catholic paraphernalia into the attic. A fascinating operation, but very risky given that, at least according to the “forecasts of the specialists”, from the prophet Daniel to Padre Pio, it should not end very well. In fact, as we have shown in 44 chapters of investigation (never denied) that you will find HERE at the bottom, there is already an unsolvable problem: Bergoglio is not the pope as Benedict XVI has never abdicated, so nothing he did. in eight years it is valid. We are therefore talking about hot air.

By the way, if you want to hear the real pope on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, feast your ears and – for those who are believers – your soul, with this luminous intervention by the Holy Father Benedict on December 8, 2012. HERE

“The voice of God – the Pope teaches – is not perceived by remaining on the surface, but by descending to a deeper level where the forces that act are not the economic and political ones, but the moral and spiritual ones. It is there that Mary invites us to go down to be in tune with God’s action ”.

(Other than sacrifices of baby llamas). This appeal by Benedict XVI is striking, just over two months after his retirement in the impeded seat, remaining pope hidden under the non-existent papacy emeritus.

And in fact, to understand his ” Plan B”, one must exactly renounce (at least inwardly) one’s material interests , position income, Bergoglian flattery, 8 x 1000 … One must descend into silence, where pure and disinterested intelligence acts logic, that of the Logos , the Incarnate Word. Only with concentration, the spirit of truth and reason will it be possible to understand the question by attuning to the action of the Vicar of Christ.

And we do not consider it accidental that, as the reader Anna Maria Conti tells us, the true Holy Father, just yesterday, wanted to appear in a photo holding a REAL CRIB.

Psst. Wanna buy a used Tabernacle?

Sounds a bit sleazy, doesn’t it? Well, not if you’re in the business of selling off valuable sacred objects as happened recently in country Victoria.

Ballarat’s Bishop Paul Bird decided to sell off one of the Diocese’s prized possessions – well, it obviously wasn’t that highly prized – the lovely old St Joseph’s church at Learmonth.

Apparently the Tabernacle went for the bargain price of only $900. Imagine that.

One’s blood is still boiling. That invaluable structure which held Our Lord’s Sacred Body for almost 150 years is now most likely a drinks cabinet in some entrepreneur’s man cave or worse, is being used for some nefarious purpose by satanists.

Have these bishops no shame at all?

That reminds me of a little joke, actually.

It’s a bit grim.

Do you get it?

Now maybe I’m being too cynical.

Perhaps a reader will let me know that a rigid young priest bought the tabernacle as he’s trying to tradify his basketball court of a sanctuary before the next Motu Proprio is released.

We live in hope.

The lovely old building was flogged off on December 7th, just one day before the end of the Year of St Joseph. At least some of its artefacts, including a statue of St Joseph, have ended up in a Melbourne church, which is something, I suppose, as the church is a Catholic one. Did the parish priest have to pay for those, I wonder?

Which is more sad? An empty Church …..
…. an empty sacristy…..
…. or a Tabernacle that’s about to be sold off to the highest bidder? (Or maybe it’s that Cranmer pool-table in the foreground.)

It wouldn’t be a surprise, if he did have to pay. The Diocese of Ballarat, which formerly owned St Joseph’s, has had money problems for some time. That’s what tends to happen when dioceses cover up the sexual abuse of children for decades then follow it up by convincing Catholics that Mass isn’t important anymore. The encore to such a performance is usually episcopal pearl-rattling when the finance department realises that without all those pious posteriors on seats, a diocese soon becomes insolvent.

Admittedly, St Joseph’s five parishioners were sad to see their church closed and sold off. One of them valiantly exercised the virtue of hope by suggesting that the building should become an art gallery.

And yes, that is, in fact, allowed under Canon Law, which states that a Church may be sold to someone who will not use it for any sordid reason.

Then again, that would depend on what kind of art is being displayed there, wouldn’t it?

After she was buried the priest came in—I was there alone. I don’t think he saw me—and took out the altar stone and put it in his bag; then he burned the wads of wool with the holy oil and threw the ash outside; he emptied the holy water stoop and blew out the lamp in the sanctuary, and left the tabernacle open, as though from now on it was always to be Good Friday. I suppose none of this makes any sense to you, Charles, poor agnostic. I stayed there till he was gone, and then, suddenly, there wasn’t any chapel there any more, just an oddly decorated room.

Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited

Why did the bishop buy the Lodge?

It sounds like a joke, does it not? But this is deadly serious. A Catholic Archbishop, in need of new premises for his admin offices, concluded that a Freemason’s Lodge would be the best location from which to preach, teach and sanctify his unwary flock.

This story might be a few years old now, but it’s still worth taking a closer look.

Timothy Costelloe was installed as Archbishop of Perth in 2012, and in August 2015 purchased a $7 million property in Perth’s CBD from which to run the Archdiocese. The property, 249 Adelaide Terrace was owned by the Grand Lodge WA and had been used as their headquarters. Who knows what kind of deal was struck, but the bishop got quite a bargain as he paid half a million less than the amount paid by the Masons when they bought the property six years earlier.

Before and after shots of 249 Adelaide Terrace, Perth. Pictures with Archdiocesan signage are pretty thin on the ground, so if any reader can supply, I’d be most grateful.

Now it is somewhat strange for a Catholic institution to take over a Masonic temple – especially in these days when our bishops seem only too willing to “dialogue and accompany” the Masons. In fact, there could be one of only three reasons why a bishop would make this decision:

1. Extreme piety: despite exorcists claiming that it is sometimes impossible to cleanse a geographical site from demonic influence, the bishop is confident that he can enlist all the powers of the Church (exorcism, prayers of liberation, sacramentals, Masses) to free the site and use it to further the mission of the Church.

2. Ignorance: the bishop’s formation was so dumbed-down that he sees Masonry as no threat to Catholicism; he thinks it’s nothing more than a social club for men intent on growing their virtues.

3. He is a Mason and wants to access the power that comes from the dual processes of mocking God (by moving Church offices into a former temple) and of tapping into the rituals that have been performed there.

Hopefully it’s number 2, although that doesn’t minimise the risk to the Archdiocese. (Number One is out of the question – this is Australia, remember?) So what is known about Archbishop Costelloe? Does he have any form as a Mason or Masonic sympathiser?

Well, he says he is against child abuse (don’t they all?) but followed his predecessors’ footsteps by covering it up (ditto) – even though he has “seen the anguish” first hand. He says enforced celibacy causes priests to abuse children but then sacked a priest for breaking his vow of celibacy. (Obviously, the action taken by His Grace was appropriate, however, it does seem a tad inconsistent with his stance on celibacy….) The Archbishop is also involved with a few legal battles with his priests, not to mention whispers of his utter contempt for the more orthodox ones.

But at least he honours the ancestors, right?

He has even opted not to stick up for a Catholic school principal who is against the state government’s vaccine mandates. Instead of lauding that man, Archbishop Costelloe distanced himself from the principal, saying that he was “deeply disappointed.”

Yes, your Grace, it is always disappointing when a layman shows up the clergy’s lack of conviction by demonstrating his own.

So now, having looked briefly at some poignant items from the bishop’s CV, let us return to the title of this piece: why DID the bishop buy the Lodge?

All things considered, could the answer possibly be: to get to the Other Side?

Another Stasi Bishop in Queensland

Another Queensland bishop has come out in favour of the state government’s COVID tyranny, promising to help Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to stem another “wave” of the “pandemic” in any way possible. 

The bishop of Townsville, Timothy Harris, publicly shared the pastoral letter he had written in support of the globalist medical experiment. Apparently unaware of either the Australian Constitution’s prohibition on forced medical treatments or of the Nuremberg Declaration’s ban on human experimentation, the bishop has urged Catholics to submit to being inoculated with gene serum “out of love.”

The letter contains more than a few white lies, such as that the “disinformation about vaccines is decreasing vaccination rates and increasing deaths.” Wonder if he has any evidence to back up that one?

“We are running out of time before the wave of infection hits Queensland”, says he. Hmmm, it’s almost as if he received preternatural knowledge of the frightfully unscary new variant, Omicron.

With unfettered irony, Bishop Harris posted his letter to social media, noting that “social media is not a reliable source of information about vaccines.”

Well, he got that right.

A look at the bishop’s Twitter feed reveals a few of his interest …. Laudato Si …. Jesuitical arch-heretic Frank Brennan …. and many tweets critical of euthanasia legislation.

Now this says nothing in the bishop’s favour: it is something fairly common for most prelates these days. Their pre-occupation with euthanasia can be contrasted with their almost total silence on abortion. Maybe our ageing clerics believe assisted suicide constitutes a personal threat to their own wellbeing whereas abortion does not.

It’s difficult to stem the cynicism when anti-euthanasia comments are interspersed with pro-vaccine ones: pushing adherence to the tyrannical gene-serum regime is in effect pushing a form of assisted suicide. One wonders how the bishop feels about the need for VAD patients to be jabbed before their last goodbye?

At least it appears that he approves of rigidity.

As an aside, Bishop Harris happened to share an image which I hadn’t previously come across: it appears to show Pope Francis in front of an art installation in St Peter’s Square. I suspect that the artwork was created to represent the reforms achieved by the Pope over the last eight years.

No doubt the green tarp to the Pope’s rear represents the “inscrutable dream of the God of Surprises” or perhaps the “poetic mystery of the Synodal process”.

Back to Bishop Harris. The image below was taken from the Bishop’s Facebook page (where his entire Pastoral Letter can also be viewed.) The photograph was taken at the Queensland Law Year prayer service, where according to the bishop, “Key judges and magistrates and other members of the legal fraternity gather each year.”

The bishop’s hand gesture is quite intriguing. It looks remarkably like a common occult gesture related to Thelema Magick and which is used by world leaders such as Angela Merkel – but of course, that must be a coincidence.

Definitely a coincidence.

Speaking of coincidences, a victim of historical sexual abuse at the hands of a priest received an apology from this very bishop in June of this year – only THREE years after she first sought his help. That must be some kind of record.

Admittedly, the Townsville Diocese had covered up the priest’s abuse for a mere twenty years, a fact which Bishop Harris lied about to the complainant by saying that immediate action had been taken when the complaints started rolling in.

So although Bishop Harris was not responsible for the coverup (leaving the priest at his post to abuse 22 victims over two decades) he lied about when the Church first knew about the abuse. As icing on the cake, the archivist from the Diocese has stated that somewhere along the way, evidence of the case was destroyed.

However, we may be able to take some comfort from that apology. Judging by the Bishop’s track record, vaccine-injured Catholics (if, indeed, they are still alive by then) may expect an apology in around twenty years’ time. Just expect some lies and deception along the way.