Crisis? What Crisis?

Melbourne’s Archbishop literally says “nothing to see here” as catholics face detention for refusing abortion-tainted vaccines.

On the eve of a public Rosary for Freedom, Archbishop Peter Comensoli sent an email addressed to his bishops, priests and deacons, stating that he does not support public prayer for freedom and banning his clergy from attending. The public prayers were begun in response to segregation based on vaccination status, but the focus was widened to include opposition to an extremely concerning new law which would give the “Catholic” Premier unfettered power over his citizens, without any Parliamentary oversight. Under the pretext of health regulations, the law would enable Premier Andrews to enact a Nazi-style regime and persecute any minority of his choosing with impunity.

So far, the Archbishop has not spoken publicly about the proposed law. His ineffectiveness in standing up against the government is well-documented, and his modus operandi of “acting behind the scenes” inspires little hope from the Catholic faithful.

Archbishop Comensoli’s email to the priests was sent to this website by a reader. A selection is provided below, with my comments in bold:

“… I do not support this action, and I ask all Clergy to refrain from attending or promoting something that will place people’s safety and health at jeopardy, and which may be an incitement to illegal activity.

(His Grace fails to note that protesting is now legal in Melbourne; the idea of “jeopardising health and safety” is taken straight from the hyperbolic COVID narrative.)

Without doubt, there is much to be concerned about the policy and legislative agenda of the Government, and measured steps ought – and are – to be taken to challenge this.

(The bill will be debated in the Upper House next week, leaving the Archbishop with little time for his “strategic silence” to go into effect. Are negotiations going on “behind the scenes”? One would hope that this is more substantial than giving Dan Andrews a quick text – will he include a sad faced emoji for emphasis??)

However, I am concerned that the planned form of action is based on misinformation and half-truths that have fostered a sense of fear and pastoral crisis.

(This bit is quite intriguing: what is the misinformation and the half-truths?

Since when was it irrational to fear tyranny?

Is the “pastoral crisis” the faithful’s sense that segregation does not belong in a Catholic church? Or maybe it’s one of those other pastoral crises – like the one where the good priests are bullied by their capricious bishop or is it the one where faithful Catholics are ignored in favour of wiccan nuns and boomer parish workers?)

What might seem an action of prayer will, in the hands of the media, become a political event that will only generate further confusion and animosity.”

(The Archbishop obviously hasn’t seen the media’s coverage of Catholics at other Freedom protests. So far, the media has shown nothing but respect and a genuine desire to know the motivation of Catholics for attending.

In any case, since when has it been the role of the Church to fear the media’s often-bigoted narrative? Since when does the Church absolve Herself from relevant political protest?

Would praying for the defeat of the Ottomans at the Battle of Lepanto have been too political for this bishop?)

In case anyone is not familiar with Daniel Andrews’ new law, or thinks the fears of the populace are overblown, this graphic from Reignite Democracy Australia, gives a concise explanation of his proposals. As the heading reads, the law, which has already passed through the Lower House of Parliament, is DANGEROUS – and without exaggeration, constitutes a very real threat to democracy.

For more information on that law, watch this interview with two lawyers on Cafe Locked Out or read this open letter from the Law Institute of Australia.

Detention centres are being built in Melbourne, for goodness’ sake!!! Who does the Archbishop think these are intended for??? Without a doubt, the unvaccinated, including a large number of Catholics, are destined for these “quarantine” centres. If that doesn’t count as a pastoral crisis, THEN WHAT DOES?

The picture on the left, accompanying an article in The Australian, is meant to show the public how concerned the Archbishop is with the government’s insistence on segregated Masses. Although he has expressed some concern over segregation, Archbishop Comensoli expects his priests to follow government mandates to the letter and has been a big supporter of the immoral and dangerous COVID vaccines. (Full story here.)

It seems lost on the Archbishop that he has a responsibility to disobey an unjust law and should be rejecting the government’s unreasonable directives without any negotiation. Does he not realise that thousands of Catholics in his Archdiocese are now out of work due to vaccine mandates?

But instead of condemning them, the Archbishop has been on board with the State’s COVID restrictions from the word go: the masks, the Holy Water swapped for hand sanitiser, the church doors closed – you name it, the Melbourne Archdiocese has implemented every dot and tittle of the government’s rules and more. And the Boomer feminists who have come out of the woodwork to enforce the regulations in most parishes are doing his dirty work.

Now to be fair, it is possible that His Grace just isn’t experienced with dealing with megalomaniacs like Daniel Andrews – these are “unprecedented times”, as the media never tires of telling us, with a wholly new playing-field – since “pandemics” only come around every, say, LIFETIME or so. It is much easier to retreat to one’s country mansion and spend one’s time doing laps of one’s indoor pool than to face one’s responsibilities head-on, isn’t it?

A couple of images taken at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2019 show the kind of role our good Archbishop prefers to take. As the pictures show, these were the carefree days when bishops only had to worry about small annoyances like the abysmal failure of the Catholic school system, the majority of Catholics not believing in the Real Presence and a financial crisis caused by compensation payouts to pedophilia victims.

But perhaps that is a little unfair. There are some serious matters that the Archbishop has lost no time in addressing. In fact, as with many other Modernist bishops who are more concerned with appeasing society than with offending God, the Archbishop has embraced every popular social cause going.

He wasn’t afraid to show his “inclusivity” status by consulting Catholic sodomites who felt a bit offended by the Church’s two-thousand-year teaching on homosexuality (not to mention the Bible’s four thousand-year-old teaching.)

And he didn’t shy away from admitting to a group of young Catholics that his black clerical attire is “boring” so he needed some rainbow-coloured socks to brighten things up. (This did happen, according to witnesses at a Theology on Tap talk held soon after his appointment as Archbishop of Melbourne. In that same talk, Archbishop dismissed concerns over Vigano’s allegations as being “a matter for the Americans.”)

And when it comes to introducing paganism into the heart of the Church – a la Bergoglio and his Pachamama fetish – the Archbishop has certainly gone above and beyond.

Below are some screenshots taken from a Mass offered by the Archbishop for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday in July 2021.

Mass began with an Aboriginal “smoke ceremony”: a ritual meant to appease the spirits of Aboriginal ancestors. A young woman circled the sacred altar, “purifying” it before the Holy Sacrifice began. As this woman slouched around the sanctuary, invoking demons to curse the congregation, a narrator expressed her gratitude for her bondage to her traditional heritage. (For information on the spiritual devastation caused by smoking ceremonies, read this article. – it is written by an Aboriginal Christian. A recorded livestream of the entire Mass can be seen here.)

In possible violation of liturgical rubrics, Archbishop Comensoli wore vestments featuring motifs related to Aboriginal spirituality, and an “Aboriginal” Our Father was substituted for the Catholic version. So much for the “universality” of the Church. (This version is reproduced below. The slide shown during Mass incorrectly states that the prayer was the “Lamb of God.”)

This dumbed-down version of the Lord’s Prayer shows what trendy prelates really think about our indigenous brethren: that they are just not smart enough to understand the traditional form of the prayer that Jesus gave us. Our clergy seem to think that indigenous Catholics need a kindergarten version of our most sacred prayers and that they won’t accept the Mass unless it is riddled with the demonic imagery and rituals from which the Church is meant to set them free.

It seems apparent that Archbishop Comensoli doesn’t know how to give an appropriate response to a crisis – political, moral or otherwise. In fact, it is more common to see him smiling and laughing for the cameras while his people’s suffering goes unheeded. He is more a politician of the baby-kissing variety than he is a shepherd willing to lay down his life for his sheep.

That is the charitable take on the situation.

There is another possibility that is even more fearful to contemplate: that Archbishop Comensoli is acting in concert with the government and approves of its moves toward totalitarianism. If that is the case, it would not be the first time that a. leader of the Church has aligned himself with the forces of antichrist to say, “We have no king but Caesar!”

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