Marquis de la Franquerie on Synarchy- Part II


In another Instruction: “let’s flatter all the passions, the worst just as much as the most high-minded…”

It is necessary to make the immoral education of the Church and (they always come back to it) get to the triumph of the revolution by a Pope….giving a step to everything that aspires to move … adroitly slide the spirits of our dogmas into the spirits (on this point again the directives repeat it over and over again) that priests and lay people persuade that Christianity is essentially a democratic doctrine.”

On August 9, 1839, Vindice wrote to Nubius to tell him that he blamed the individual murders of which the Carbonari and he adds with odious cynicism:

We must not individualise vice; in order for it to grow to the proportions of patriotism and hatred of the Church, we must generalize it. Catholicism is no more afraid of a sharp dagger than the monarchy is, but these two foundations of the social order are likely to collapse through corruption; we at all events never allow ourselves to be corrupted. Do not, then, let us make martyrs but let us popularise vice among the masses. Whatever their five senses strive after shall be satisfied. Create hearts full of vice and you will have no more Catholics. That is the corruption on a large scale that we have undertaken, the corruption of the people by the people and the clergy by us, the corruption that leads the way to our digging the Church’s grave.

What result did the Occult Power achieve? Nubius, on April 3, 1824, two months after having taken the supreme direction of the Alta Vendita, writes: “There is a certain part of the clergy which bites at the hook of our doctrines with a marvelous vivacity, in particular in Rome”.

And on April 3, 1843, he always returns to the question he considers crucial: “We must arrive by small, well-graduated means, at the triumph of the revolution by a Pope.” 

In 1845, another head of the Alta Vendita wrote about Father Gioberti and his work:

“Gioberti priest speaks to priests their language, and I will tell you that we are learning from all sides that in ranks of the secular and regular clergy, the doctrines of freedom and the Pope at the head of this freedom and independence Italian are a thought that appeals to many; so much that they are able to persuade many that Catholicism is essentially a Democratic doctrine; this party grows every day more among the clergy. We are impatiently awaiting Gioberti’s new work, this work is for priests … “

On the one hand, the leaders of the anti-Christian conspiracy congratulate themselves on the success of their abominable maneuvers, the other the Secretary of State of the Holy See, Cardinal Bernetti, exposes his fears and his painful anguish in a letter of August 4, 1845:

“Our young clergy is imbued with liberal doctrines … Serious studies are abandoned … The part of the clergy which, after us, naturally comes into business … is a thousand times more tainted with liberal vice …; most of them do not know anything about the character or the things of this time and they indulge in suggestions which will obviously give rise to great crises for the Church. (Everywhere) the same spirit of discord is blowing over the clergy …

past to become new men. The spirit of sect replaces love of neighbor; individual pride

grows in the shadows … “

It is useful to give some additional details on this Luciferian plan that we can now see almost completely realized. Stanislas de Guaita wants to:

Revealing to theology the esoteric magnificence of which it is full, but without it understanding

(Stanislas de Guaita, Essay of Cursed Sciences, I, p. 159).

The ex-canon Roca answers him:

“My beloved brother in Jesus Christ I do not deny any of the principles of your teaching which is mine. We agree on all points of esoteric doctrine, which is, he writes to Papus (Gérard Encausse), the true initiation, the one Christ made to the twelve and then to the seventy-two.”1

Brother Marsaudon:

“There is no problem to be solved with the Protestant churches, any more than there is between Masonry and the Synagogue, the difficulties only exist with the Roman Church ”

(F. Marsaudon, Le Temple, Sept.-Oct. 1946, p. 34).

He wrote this in 1946. He would certainly not write it nowadays since too many Catholic religious authorities have denied and rejected all the past and the doctrine of the Church …

Roca announces liturgical anarchy, in the name of a return to primitive Christianity:

“I believe that the divine cult in the form directed by the liturgy, ceremonial, ritual and regulations of the Roman Church will shortly undergo a transformation at an ecumenical council, which will restore to it the venerable simplicity of the apostolic golden age in accordance with the dictates of conscience and modern civilisation.” ”(Roca, Abbot Gabriel and his fiancée).

And he continues:

“There is a sacrifice in the offing which represents a solemn act of expiation …. The Papacy will fall; it will die under the hallowed knife which the fathers of the last council will forge. The papal Caesar is a Host crowned for sacrifice.”(Roca, Glorious Centenary).

He announces that the reign of the Thomistic theology is coming to an end, because:

Mystical theology will be succeeded by scientific theology which the mature nations are crying out for.” (Roca, End of the Old World, pp. 525-538-492) and that Saint Thomas himself, if he returned to earth, would hasten to burn his theological sum and to replace it by the scientific sum.””(Roca, Glorieux Centenaire, p. 113).

He advises :

A new, sublime, broad, deep, truly universalist Christianity, absolutely versatile … a universal worship in which all cults will be encompassed…” (Glorious Centenary, pp. 77) and “…the god will be humanity which, in my eyes, is membership with Christ,  which is therefore also the whole universe.”(p. 528). Also, “…the suffering Christ-Man, is succeeded in our days by the triumphant Christ-Spirit.” (p. 525).

“It is only in a theocratic society having the character of Freemasonry that we will one day be able to reunite Islam and Christendom, Jews and Buddhists, Europe and Asia in the same ideal and intense hope. It is, in a nutshell, up to Freemasonry to form the universal church.” (Pignatelle, Batailles Maçonniques, p. 29).

And the Bulletin du Grand Orient declares:

Masonry wants to be the super-church, the church that will unite them all.”(n ° 37, Politics and Masonry). Roca adds:

What Christianity wants to build … is a universal worship in which all cults will be encompassed.” (Glorieux Centenaire, p. 77).

And the Masonic review, Le Symbolisme, writes in turn:

“We aspire to act as an intermediary between us and God. It is therefore likely that the religion of the future will make each faithful his own priest …. If so, initiation will become the great religious school and symbolism will help thinkers to discover the truth that hides in the depths of the human spirit ”(Le Symbolisme, February 1959).

Brother Riandey, specifies:

“The future world will create something new after having assimilated Christianity and other forms of spirituality and will perhaps give birth, by analogy with the physical phenomenon of total collectivization, to a kind of pantheism in which all current thoughts will be melted, amalgamated, all re-energized together towards still inconceivable objectives ”(Le Temple, Sept.-Oct. 1946).

Roca announces:

There will be a new religion; there will be a new dogma; there will be ritual; there will be a new priesthood whose relationship with the falling Church will be exactly what the relationship of the Catholic Church was with the Mosaic Church, her late mother ”(End of the Old World, p. 373).

“Faith disappears before science which must illuminate everything … We will not stop the movement; science is the queen of the world, because it is God himself, in humanity.” (Glorieux Centenaire, pp. 21 and 79).

“The duty of everyone at this hour is to promote the evolution that the Papacy must make in order to put itself in harmony with the new Spirit of the World and the rational sciences.” (End of the Old World, p.130).

The World Spiritualist Congress declared in Brussels in 1946:

“There exists above the various religions a universal church composed of all dogmatically free believers who unite their convictions relating to the existence of a Supreme Being, to a future life, to the immortality of the soul as well as the duty of human love proclaimed as the first of all by churches and religions. ”

What then becomes of Heaven? Roca replies:

“The impersonal and divine reign of Truth in Liberty, of Justice in Equality, of the Social Economy in Fraternity, which is the sacred trinomial of evangelical synarchy ”(Glorieux Centenaire, p. 20.)

In The End of the Old World (p. 36), Roca continues:

“The religious, political and social Redeemer will reign over Humanity through impersonal institutions”.

Hence the establishment of democracy in the political field, public limited companies in the economic field, unions in the social field and in the religious field, the Collegiality of Bishops, which makes them serve as anonymous and all-powerful committees, which bind them and prevent them from acting with the legitimate authority that is proper as successors of the Apostles. This Collegiality, of which one could say that the first manifestation, on Good Friday, was the panicked fear of the Apostles who fled and dispersed while their chief, saint

Peter, denied the Master three times. In short, the reign of Lucifer.

And Roca announced the “conversion” of a pope to the new spirit of the world after the Ecumenical Council – which he had also announced – and which would have brought the Church back to the simplicity of the apostolic golden age:

“The old Papacy will break the silence at the hour when the entirely evangelical work of this glorious palingenesis (rebirth) will be completed. Then, turning around in his sepulcher, Peter will verify the oracle of Christ. He ‘will confirm his brothers’, that is to say all Christian peoples in the new ways into which their Redeemer made them enter before him. He will dedicate modern civilisation; he will proclaim her the daughter of the Church, heir to the Sunday promises and the true spirit of the parables.

“Pronouncing its own downfall, the Roman papacy will declare Urbi et Orbi that having completed its mission and its role of initiator, it dissolves in its old form, to leave the field open to the higher operations of the new Pontificate of the New Church and of the new Priesthood that he will canonically install himself before exhaling the last breath … “

“As soon as it becomes visible to all that the new order logically emerges from the old order … the old woman, the papacy and the old priesthood will abdicate willingly before the pontificate and before the priests of the future2 who will be those of the past, converted and transfigured, with a view to the organization of the Planet in the light of the Gospel.

And this new church, although it might not be able to keep anything of Scholastic doctrine and the original form of the former Church, will nevertheless receive consecration and canon jurisdiction from Rome. 

“It is necessary that the release takes place and that the Law of evolution resumes its divine course in the cycle opened by the Holy Gospel in the footsteps of the new Humanity. The Synarchy is suitable to operate this general revolution.” (Glorieux Centenaire, pp. 462 to 469).

And the Pope he wants at the head of the Ecumenical Council is: “Not a Pontiff of faith or of pistis (?) but a Pontiff of Gnosis or of esoteric science.” (Le Socialisme Chrétien, July 5, 1891). And Roca continues

“Something will emerge that will make the world amazing and throw the world on its knees before its Redeemer. This thing will be the demonstration of the perfect agreement between the ideal of modern civilization and the ideal of Christ and His Gospel. This will be the consecration of the New Social Order and the solemn Baptism of modern civilization.” (End of the Old World, p. 282).

“The Vatican convert will not, according to Christ, have to reveal a new teaching to his brothers. He will not have not to push Christendom or the full world towards paths other than the paths followed by the peoples under the Secret inspiration of the Spirit, but simply to confirm them in this modern civilization. The Pontiff will be content to confirm and glorify the work of the Spirit of Christ or of the Christ-Spirit in the public mind and, thanks to the privilege of his personal infallibility, he will canonically declare Urbi et Orbi that contemporary civilization is the legitimate daughter of the holy gospel of social redemption.” (Glorieux Centenaire, p. 111).

Now, this is the peril; some – and not the least – would like to extend the Pontifical Infallibility to all acts of the Pope. On June 29, 1970, was the following statement not heard in the Vatican?

“The relationship of the faithful with Christ has in Peter his minister, his interpreter, his guarantor. All must obey what he orders, if they want to be associated with the new economy of the Gospel.” (Abbot Rayssignier, Open Letter to the Pope, dated June 30, 1970). {{I am unable to find any information on Fr Rayssignier}}

Which is a formal heresy, in absolute opposition to the definition of the 1st Vatican Council. Roca took care to declare at the International Spiritualist Congress held in the Grand-Orient of France, in September 1889: “My Christ is not that of the Vatican.” (Papus, The Veil of ISIS, n ° 130, 1893).

We suspected it a little; it’s Lucifer’s, it’s Lucifer himself! He does not hide it since he had declared elsewhere that the Christ-Man is that of the Kabbalah. (End of the Old World, p. 12.). Now, the eighteenth dogma of the Kabbalah proclaims: “Demon is deus universus.” (The Demon is the universal god.)

And he concludes:

“I affirm that we are approaching the final closure of the old religious, political and economic order, and I announce the forthcoming opening of an absolutely new cycle from all points of view, in the Church, in the State , in the family, in all circles of human activity. ”(Glorieux Centenaire, p. 13).



  1. He also alludes to the alleged secret teachings of Our Lord … as quoted by P. Virion, Mystère d’Iniquité, p.20.
  2. Roca designates the new priests under the name of “Progressives” (Glorious Centenary, p. 447) and advocates the suppression of the soutane (Christ, the Pope and Democracy, pp. 105-107) as well as the marriage of priests (Id., P. 103) and in a novel written for this purpose, L’Abbé Gabriel et sa fiancée. He also announces the unions of priests.z (Glorious Centenary, p. 452).

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