Another Stasi Bishop in Queensland

Another Queensland bishop has come out in favour of the state government’s COVID tyranny, promising to help Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to stem another “wave” of the “pandemic” in any way possible.  The bishop of Townsville, Timothy Harris, publicly shared the pastoral letter he had written in support of the globalist medical experiment. Apparently unaware of… More

Persecuted Christians and Digital Passports.

Last night was Red Wednesday, and an annual liturgy honouring persecuted Christians was unironically held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. By all accounts, the evening went off without a hitch. Non-vaccinated Catholics knew their place and waited outside until it was clear that the government-mandated quota for “undeclared status” had not been reached and… More

Divine Wreckovation in Melbourne

The following letter is being circulated among the clergy of the Melbourne Archdiocese and reveals the brewing discontent regarding Archbishop Comensoli’s plan to restructure his territory. While priests and parishioners are being assured that this is not an amalgamation process, there really is no other way to describe it. DEFEND OUR PARISHES Dear Brother Priest… More

Who needs the Stasi when we have the bishops?

Another Australian bishop has been throwing his pandemic-acquired weight around, this time in sunny Queensland. Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane, has decided to collaborate with the tyrannical state government by forcing his priests to get vaxxed or risk losing their faculties. The Catholic Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk, affectionately known as “Stasi,” has found a… More

Eucharistic Incoherence: Daniel Andrews receives Holy Communion at State Funeral

Under the watchful eye of the happy-go-lucky Archbishop of Melbourne, Peter Comensoli, neo-Nazi Premier Dan Andrews was given Holy Communion today at the state funeral of entertainer Bert Newton. Dean of the Cathedral, Fr Werner Utri, placed the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ into the hands of the man who… More

Crisis? What Crisis?

Melbourne’s Archbishop literally says “nothing to see here” as catholics face detention for refusing abortion-tainted vaccines. On the eve of a public Rosary for Freedom, Archbishop Peter Comensoli sent an email addressed to his bishops, priests and deacons, stating that he does not support public prayer for freedom and banning his clergy from attending. The… More

Pope Francis Rewrites the Commandments

Pope Francis’ October address to the World Movement of Populist Movements contained all the technocrat talking points with which the world is so enamoured while omitting the solid Catholic teaching which it so desperately needs. Characterised by America Magazine as nine “Commandments”, the Pope’s list of nine areas in need of change indicates that the… More

The Pope excludes unvaxxed Swiss Guards from his Inclusive church

In September, Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, announced on behalf of the Pope that all members of the Swiss Guard had to be fully vaccinated by October 1st in order to remain within the Vatican city-state. That date also marked the beginning of the practice of suspending the pay of any Vatican employee who… More

Marquis de la Franquerie on Synarchy- Part II

PART 1 CAN BE FOUND HERE: In another Instruction: “let’s flatter all the passions, the worst just as much as the most high-minded…” “It is necessary to make the immoral education of the Church and (they always come back to it) get to the triumph of the revolution by a Pope….giving a step to everything… More

Marquis de la Franquerie on Synarchy: Part 1

taken from Pontifical Infallibility, the Syllabus, the Condemnation of Modernism and the Current Crisis of the Church CHAPTER IV – THE PLOT OF THE COUNTER-CHURCH “We will penetrate to the very heart of this Pontifical Court from which nothing in the world will be able to chase us, until we have destroyed the power of… More


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